Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rabbi Pinto Arrives at Prison to Begin Year-long Jail Sentence

Haaretz   Kabbalist rabbi, convicted in 2015 of bribing senior police officer, showed up to prison an previously established deadline coordinated with the Israel Prison Services. 

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto arrived at the medical center of Nitzan Prison, Ramle on Tuesday afternoon to officially begin his year-long prison term for his bribery conviction, an hour-and-a-half after the previously established deadline coordinated with the Israel Prison Services. Pinto checked himself into a hospital for medical treatment earlier Tuesday, an hour before the deadline. Due to health concerns, he will serve his sentence in the medical center of Nitzan Prison, Ramle. [...]

The kabbalist rabbi was convicted last May of bribing a senior police officer and other corruption offenses, after pleading guilty in a plea bargain. His appeal to reduce his sentence to six months’ community service, given his deteriorating medical condition, was denied by the Supreme Court last month. [...]


  1. Picking on the religious again - naughty secularists. Rav Pinto should have given a brocho to the Police officer rather than cash, it would have helped both of them!

  2. Why did his wife attempt to give the officer the money?
    How many years did the State spend pursuing Rabbi Pinto?
    Were they able to file even one serious charge against Rabbi Pinto that was resultant from all those year of investigating?
    Was Rabbi Pinto's only "crime" that after five years of being pursued, he wanted to know what the intention of the State?

    Eddie, I look forward to your clear and on-topic answers.

  3. I am not sure the benefit in exposing that this man was put in an Israeli jail. The ציונים are not known for their laws being just. I am not sure speaking about Rabbi Pinto is anything other than לישנא בישא.

    I am not sure that this is מפרסמים את החנפים. It may very well be לשון הרע.

    וכן הוא אומר מתן בסתר יכפה אף ושוחד בחיק חמה עזה וכן הוא אומר שומר פיו ולשונו שומר מצרות נפשו וכן הוא אומר ברוב דברים לא יחדל פשע וחושך שפתיו משכיל וכן הוא אומר חושך אמריו יודע דעת יקר רוח איש תבונה וצ״ע

  4. offering money when asking for information is better known as bribery.


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