Thursday, January 29, 2015

Troll Your Kids Into Doing Their Chores With This Router That Makes Their Internet Impossibly Slow

Business Insider    What's worse the worst than having no internet connection?

Having an incredibly slow internet connection.

If you've ever dealt with a slow, choking internet connection, you know how annoying it can be compared to the glorious broadband speeds we've grown accustomed to lately. 

Now, a company is intentionally trying to make internet speeds worse for kids as a way of getting them to do school work instead of Snapchatting and texting.

Meet Vexbox — a router created for annoyed parents to kick down their kids' internet to a speed reminiscent of dial-up. [...]


  1. Or just get dial up.
    I mean seriously, what's the child going to think when he has to use slow access speed and his parents are downstairs laughing as they stream their favourite TV shows? It's like demanding the child eat spinach as dad wolfs down a burger.
    Never put a kid through something you wouldn't also do.

  2. Child abuse. Seriously."Talk to me, Dad," he cries. "Be quiet and watch that little thing on the screen spin," is the reply he gets. "Why?!" "Because we lack the self-discipline and communication skills to raise you."

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