Friday, January 2, 2015

Bat Melech shelter for religious battered women in Israel to double its capacity

Times of Israel   An organization that runs two shelters for religious battered women will double its capacity and wipe out its current waiting list. 

Bat Melech currently serves over 1,000 women and children each year who require a kosher and Shabbat-observant atmosphere. [...]

“Many of Bat Melech’s residents are English-speakers from the United States, Canada, England and South Africa, so I see ourselves as the ‘international Jewish women’s shelter’ as we provide service to everyone, “ said Bat Melech’s overseas director Amy Oppenheimer.


  1. Why are most of this shelter's customers English speakers? I suspect it has something to do with the feminist support system most prevalent in those Western countries that the women use to shake down their husbands using false allegations of abuse with the encouragement of certain rabbis and their organizations.

  2. Wow....what a frightening comment by you AisleAMorada. Maybe this happens in a few cases but the majority of women are not going to live in a shelter for made up reasons as you have suggested. Do you know anything about victims of domestic violence? Your comment is offensive allround

  3. The comment is not offensive.

    There is a simple solution: does the administration of "bat melech" allow an independent committee to review admissions? (After a one to two day emergency stay?) B: does the administration provide for free, unsupervised, visitation by fathers? (Including overnights, shabbatot, mudweek, stay in original yeshivot, investigate extortion attempts, etc?) If there's no statement along these lines, they are subject to such claims.

  4. I know about this because it happened to me. A wife who exhibits all the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder left the home with all the children and promptly became a charity case with all the community and government organizations. To make matters worse the children now suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome. By alleging that I abused them she is not allowing any contact.
    What's the matter, you didn't know this happens in the Orthodox community?

  5. Are there that many wife beaters among regular Litvish or Chassidish families. Or are they men that became frum later or members of other ethnic groups that originated from countries where women are held in lower esteem? I hate to sound discriminatory but one has to counter the impression one gets from the secular press that wife beating is common in heimish cricles.

  6. on one hand western jews LOVE to laugh at arab countries and the way they treat women. other the other hand, when a jewish, especially orthodox, woman makes a demand, these same guys scream "feminism".

  7. Are you aware that there are as many husbands abused by wives as there are wives abused by husbands? And the reason you never hear about them is because of the stigma attached to a husband 'coming out' to report it. And because much of the male violence occurs due to the predatory wife baiting him and putting him in an impossible situation. Of course any and all abuse must be condemned. Oh, and 'Humble Jew' I suggest you change your handle to 'Racist Jew' because that is how you sound to me.

  8. They're supposedy english speakers cause its much easier to fundraise.

    Don't you get it? This is a fundraising scam.

  9. When various men (probably including yourself) pander to and ingratiate yourselves with women who are committing severe violations of Torah law and ethics (such as mesira and false accusations of domestic violence against their husbands), and where these men utterly refuse to object in any way to the Torah violations of these women, then yes, that it is a sure sign that those men are feminists.

  10. "there are as many husbands abused by wives as there are wives abused by husbands" - AisleAMorada, you are quite correct. Unfortunately anti-male feminist attitudes have been mindlessly accepted by significant numbers of "Orthodox" Jews who keep their heads buried in the feminist sand. So the subject of abusive wives and false DV allegations simply doesn't exist by these Jews.

    (Not so) "Humble Jew's" ugly, slanderous comments about wife beating are certainly racist and sexist against male Orthodox Jews. I guess racism and sexism against male Orthodox Jews is perfectly acceptable in feminist circles.

    Please see Prof. Murray Straus's video about falsified DV statistics here:

  11. Sounds like my comment was misunderstood, or perhaps a missing question mark threw you off. The first sentence should read "Are there that many wife beaters among regular Litvish or Chassidish families?"

    What I'm trying to say is that wife beating is not common among the run of the mill Ashkenazi Jews who were raised frum. That is not racist and sexist against orthodox males although it is against other segments of the Jewish population. I'm just trying to get at the truth. If I'm wrong then so be it.

  12. Thanks for the verification that you are indeed a man of deep misgivings about anyone including other yidden who don't fit the specific category of Litvish and Chassidish Ashkenazi Jews, a class you consider racially superior and to which you no doubt identify with. I suggest you brush up on some mussar seforim and gemoras that rail aagainst sinas chinam. Your 'humble' hatred of multitudes of people is the variety that prevents the bais hamikdosh from being rebuilt and which also killed off myriads of Rabbi Akiva's disciples, many of whom were no doubt from some of those 'other ethnic groups' and (perish the thought) geirim.

  13. If anyone needs convincing why there is a need for women's refuges, I suggest they read this:

  14. The article clearly states that MANY - not most of the clients are english speakers. Bat Melech was started and run by Israelis in 1995. Their website in english is pretty new and the mention of many english speaking clients likely is related to fundraising, but not because it is a scam- but because they probably thought that would appeal to donors. Although why it would make a difference - I have no idea- abused religious women and children are abused- what is the difference where they were born? Bat Melech should be blessed for providing this service and anyone who thinks that it is some kind of scam to get money is clueless and not facing reality.

  15. "Parental Alienation Syndrome" - Yes, PAS is happening frequently in the so-called Orthodox community. Except that its only recognized as a problem in the Orthodox community when the mother is being alienated from her children. In most PAS cases it seems that the children are being intentionally alienated from their fathers by the mothers, often with full support of corrupt rabbis and feminist organizations such as ORA.

    In this New Age Feminism, fathers have been relegated to the status of sperm donors and ATM machines. This perverse mentality has become just as entrenched in the Orthodox Jewish community, including with so-called Orthodox rabbis, as it's entrenched in the non-Jewish world, and the effects on the children are just as devastating in either case.

  16. Is it possible that religious battered men might exist?
    "All six major studies which have investigated this topic found that women initiate violence in a large proportion of the cases."

    Is it possible that some women are fabricating abuse claims as a legal weapon against their husbands?

  17. You fool nobody. It is quite clear from the verbally violent
    and abusive tone of your comments under your pseudonyms who you are. Do you think no one has noticed how you
    twist this issue into another one of your rants about battered men, Ora and feminists? It doesn’t matter how frum or not someone
    when they are violent. This article is
    about a refuge for women and children victims who are victims of domestic
    violence. B’H there is somewhere safe for
    women and their children who are suffering from violent and unstable men. It is unacceptable to raise a hand to anyone
    ever. It is frightening and distressing enough for
    an adult to cope with being thrown about and beaten up but what must it be like
    for children?


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