Thursday, January 22, 2015

Schlesinger twins: Smearing Beth's reputation and intimidation of those who try to help

This is testimony from a member of a prominent Viennese family - who unfortunately is afraid (with good cause) to have her identity known. 

October 11th 2011

I write as a woman , mother and friend of Ms. Beth Schlesinger, because it hurts that she is completely alone because of lies being spread about her. However, I post anonymously because I do not want the same thing to happen to me that happened to two other ladies in the Jewish community .

The two ladies were contacted by a third party on behalf of family Schlesinger, with the request that they should stop "helping" Mrs. S.

One of these women is actually friends with Mrs. S. . The other lady knows Mrs. Schlesinger only as an acquaintance. This person was accused of giving Mrs. Schlesinger financial support and claimed that only through this help did Mrs Schlesinger succeed in getting the court to agree to longer visits with her children at home in September 2011. A member of the Schlesinger family even (falsely) accused this lady of paying for lawyers who will ensure that " Beth gets the kids now. "

The current situation that Mrs Schlesinger doesn't have her children and even the visits with her children have not taken place as specified , is in itself alone deeply sad and shocking. Adding 'salt to the wounds' is not only cruel but purely malignant.

There are rumors going around that have completely isolated Mrs Schlesinger from the Jewish community - portraying her as some kind of terrible mother or even a monster. For example, it would be dangerous to leave the children in her care , she must see the children only under constant supervision and should she be granted unsupervised access, the children would be in danger.  

Another example, she brought her children to a psychiatric hospital and implored them to take the children from her because she could no longer cope with them. Even though I do not know the details of this dispute, I find it laughable to spread such stories. Mrs Schlesinger is fighting to her last breath for custody of the children, why would she do such a thing (if these malicious rumors were true)? Unfortunately, however, most of the members of the community believe these lies and think Mrs. Schlesinger is evil.

If the children's father's family really wished to " protect " the children then such malicious rumors and lies would not be necessary (to spread around). Obviously, this is not about the welfare of the children but purely a way of punishing the mother.


  1. What a catastrophe that a woman from a "prominent Viennese family" and apparently an "insider" from the now infamous Vienna Jewish community lacks the courage to stand up for a young Jewish woman and her vulnerable little children publicly. This may have made the difference between the normal, happy childhood these boys could have had and the alarming future they may under current circumstances be subjected to as trauma victims.

    Is this person still around in the community? Does her conscience not prick her? She could save the lives of Sammy and Benji by giving evidence in court. As it is, with all the secrecy evident in the community and the alleged appalling behavior on the part of numerous members, as described by this person

  2. Was accused of paying for her lawyers.

    Is that so terrible? So she (offered to) pay for her lawyer?

    Is that a reason to ostracize the offerer / miss beth?

    (Note: its ok if get ora "pays". Wonder how much of that donated money get ora officials skim off the top?)

  3. There must be enough people around in Vienna who feel immense sympathy for Beth Alexander and her children and who could rally to indicate their anger about the inhumane way the community is treating them. This person above wrote in 2011 but has the situation improved at all since then? It doesn't sound like it. Could all those who support this mother and her boys not organize a meeting to present their demands to the leadership of the community? The father could be deprived of all his rights as an Austrian Jew. Or, as you suggest, Noah, is there less civil courage in this community in Vienna than there was among the general public during WW II, when Viennese and other Austrians risked their lives to save Jews as "submarines"?


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