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Siruv against Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Kaufman by Beis Din Givas Hamorah

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  1. I spoke with somebody who is a true expert in these matters and he assured me that Givas HaMorah is uniquely qualified as an outstanding and straight Beth Din. This very reliable person also told me that he saw a letter from Hagaon Reb Chaim Kanievsky shlit"o condemning the Kaufman Beis Din for breaking up families. The person who showed it to him said that he received the letter from the hands of Reb Chaim Kanievsky shlit"o.

  2. What is Rav Moshe Feinstein's ruling as far as a person in Monsey, or even in Brooklyn, having to attend this Givas Hamoreh beis din?

    If you check out their website, they have siruvim out on 305 different people.

    To be clear. I believe that Mr. Kaufman in Monsey is a rasha and should have his horrible sham "beis din" closed up, ASAP. However, I wonder if the way to do it is through some good-intended people who seem to have a bit of a hot headed beis din. Should Kaufmans poison be fought through his poison, or should he only be tackled in a completely legitimate and credible way?

  3. It seems that the bais Din Shel Mahala already took notice of this unfit Howrah Kolel bais din And rabbi kaufmans Reshah ,and I hear from First hand report that Now an Eineckelle of The senior Dayan.... Just got 'caught' in Kaufman's tricky ruthless net and is struggling with his life (his family and kids ..visitation etc..... all the nine yards ..nebach !)It seems that since monsey has allowed this to continue the matter will be Helped by Min Hashomayim>>> >.Nebach ,virachmona Litzlan..
    When it rains it pours!!!??

  4. Givas HaMorah is a seruv-on-demand, joke beis din. I know someone who received a summons from them. He did not even recognize the name of the person summoning him, and asked for details of the case. Givas HaMorah refused to provide them. He in turn refused to respond, and was issued a seruv.

    On their website the following is stated:

    We do not
    inquire as to the nature of a claim made by a plaintiff before we issue a
    summons. We are therefore unable to give you details on the claim.

    This is lunacy. It allows anyone to use these jokers to harass others. If the target fails to respond to the bogus "claim" which the beis din so conveniently knows nothing about, they put out a seruv against him.

  5. "breaking up families" When you write that he is "breaking up families" are you referring to families that are already broken up and will remain broken up and he is just trying to get the husband to give a Get?

  6. I have no pity for rabbi kaufmaN
    Reb Chaim Knievskys letter was posted in every Shul of monsey it is a well known fact that Rav Chaim said Yizrikenu That rabbi Flohr should throw him out! that is rabbi Kaufman!
    Yes he is a' MicharcHer Riv ' his whole essence is Battle! the whole approach of this bis din is fighting and coercing, Once one signs his So called beroorin document he immediately POUNCES takes complete control and is Known to run with one side with out any valid reason ? and smash the other side !and no amount of reasoning helps with him ,there are cases and cases of people that have been unable to wiggle out of his bais din and are ruined and hurting, Yes large families broken and still being controlled by him regarding monetary support and visitation etc.may years down the line LONG AFTER THE GET IS OVER! . Thats why many people who KNOW THEY WERE Terribly wronged are afraid to speak up ,and rightfully so ,
    He is also known to have worked very closely with Epstein/forced gets this is well known do the research your self .

  7. Knowing nothing about this hazmona, but knowing lots about Kauffman (although I've never met him), I can tell you that NO Monsey Beis Din and practically NO Monsey Rav will mess with him.

    His reputation is that he is vicious and malicious, a psychopathic sadist who takes special pleasure in driving men out of marriages and the lives of their children (through onerous "psakim") -- and then inserts himself into the family as the "Big Pappa."

    (The above is hearsay, as I've never lived in Monsey and never had the opportunity to represent a client in his Beis Din, as I've always steered people away.)

    Flohr is his partner in crime. looking the other way, perhaps not even knowing what he's signing, but never bothering to think that signing life-changing "psakim" that he doesn't understand is a problem.

  8. Another tidbit from the Givas Hamorah FAQs:

    Okay, I am required halakhically to appear before beth din. But who said I have to go to your beth din? I'd like to go to a different beth din or choose my own dayyanim!

    That is definitely your prerogative. However, we do not recognize the halakhic validity of any beth din who accepts compensation for judging, in flagrant violation of the mishnaic injunction “whoever takes recompnse for judging, his judgement is void”. In the interest of having the case heard promptly by the beth din of your choice, we need to receive a clear statement from the three dayyanim you have chosen,specifying the time and place where you will appear before them, so that we can notify the plaintiff where and when to appear before the beth din of your choice. If the beth din you chose receives compensation or postpones the hearing excessively we will not deem it a valid alternative to our beth din, since this does not provide a halakhically impartial, prompt and effective venue to have a disupte heard and resolved according to Torah rules.

    Almost no other beis din is valid in their eyes, since almost all batei din take money. So what they are actually saying is that if a person chooses any other beis din, they will issue a seruv. A joke beis din, in other words.

  9. In your imaginary "5th chelek of Shulchan Aruch" of your invented feminist religion (per your comments on the haemtza blog), it seems the only purpose of a Bais Din is to coerce GETs from Jewish husbands while all other matters should be dealt with in non-Jewish family courts.

    However Rav Dovid Eidensohn only has four sections to his Shulchan Aruch (ie the real Shulchan Aruch), and his opinions are based on the real halacha. That halacha does not allow Jews to use non-Jewish courts and does not allow arbitrary divorce on demand.

  10. You can get around that problem by appointing three neighbors of your to volunteer to be the beis din, set a time and date for the b"d hearing, and notify Givas Hamorah of the names of your three neighbors who will be acting as your beis din.

  11. Fine, so you found some tedious workaround. My point remains. They are in effect saying that even if you agree to go to BD, if you choose any BD other than theirs, you get a seruv.


    Asefer published by the av bais din of Givas Hamoreh


    a sefer By the Rosh Bais din of Givas Hamoreh

  14. a sefer By Rosh Bais din Givas Hamoreh

  15. They will Have to really hear the case WITHOUT DELAY to the satisfaction of the original BAIS DIN otherwise the original bais din still will have a right Can to ACT!
    Its aREAL bais din like it or not.!

  16. a sefer by The Rosh Bais Din Givas Hamorah

  17. Whats really happening in the Bais din world is that since most if not all are taking huge HUGE monies and astronomical toenIm fees ETC. ETC.
    Its become a sad sad situation A TRAGIC joke.And of course the first Nachshon Horav Gestetner was greeted with ASSASSINATED but eventually the truth wins out ..I wont be suprised if this Bais din 'Givas' Modus Operandi becomes in the future the NEW norm.!

  18. A beis din that refuses to tell the person summoned about the claim, and that invalidates all batei din but themselves is not a real beis din. Like it or not.

  19. Givas Hamorah is actually a good idea and positively will succeed

    By the way I would be far more concerned of a Siruv issued by them
    Givas Hamorah who don't receive monies and are therefore Valid according to the simple reading of halacha a Siruv Al Pi Torah
    than a Siruv issued by our 'NORMAL, corrupt batei din!

    How can anyone get Justice from three rabbis that are pocketing $500 each for every hour? Can there be justice in that room? Be real !!!Never !

    Why did we forget that Rabbonim till fairly recently sat with Talis and Tefillen by a Din torah! (Erech Shay)explained their psak to the losing side ,didn't rely at all on Pisharah! (Marsham)
    Why Reb Moshe Feinstein fasted when ever (seldom)he oversaw a Get!

    Kaufman is operating a Modern Get factory .he deserves that siruv.

  20. No, if you choose your three nice neighbors to be the beis din and those three neighbor dayanim set a date for the beis din hearing, Givas Hamorah is out of the picture.

  21. Nu, so those three nice neighbors who you appoint as your dayanim will set a beis din date within two or three days. No problem.

  22. Yes, I understand how the workaround goes. I'm making a point, though, about their legitimacy. By in effect saying they'll issue a seruv to anyone who uses a beis din other than theirs, they illegitimize themselves in my opinion.

  23. Givas Hamorah is actually a good idea and positively will succeed

    I doubt it. The long list of mesarvim supports my position.

  24. It is true that this Givas Hamoreh is simply a joke. However, so is Kaufman. Kaufman is bad news - and it is high time that the general public become aware of who he actually is and what his practices are. I do wonder if the way to go about it is with Givas Hamoreh. However, who is left in Monsey that has the will, willpower, desire and strength to take Kaufman down? I'm happy that at least some people are taking him on.

  25. Their site says as long as the defendant chooses his own beis din then they'll accept that (as they are required to per halacha.)

  26. Correct, but they state also that they consider invalid any beis din which takes money, and will not accept such a beis din if that is the defendant's choice (see the quote I posted above). Since almost all batei din take money, the practical result is that they will issue a seruv if the defendant chooses any beis din other than theirs (or the three neighbors).

  27. I know nothing of Kaufman, and so I cannot venture an opinion. I do know a little about Givas Hamorah, though, and even more now that I've glanced at their website.

  28. Kaufman is indeed cruel and arrogant. I'm speaking from a different perspective--no secular court would have destroyed my relationship with my kids and left me in such terrible financial shape It's taken many years to somewhat repair what this heartless and wrong-minded man did to my family.

  29. Which is why I suggested above (a few times) that the defendant that is being summoned by Givas Hamorah can simply find three nice neighbors of his to volunteer (i.e. not accept money) to be dayanim for the case he's being summoned for.

    Therefore, the defendant has satisfied Givas Hamorah's insistence that the replacement beis din the defendant chose does not accept payment.

    After this, the plaintiff who opened the case with Givas Hamorah is very highly unlikely to accept as the beis din the three nice neighbors of the defendant he is suing. So it'll likely have to go to zabla. But in any event, at this point you've gotten Givas Hamorah out of the picture using their own terms of picking a no-fee beis din.

  30. The Brooklyn BD is a joke in the same sense that the other Battei Din are -- not a "joke," but a cruel joke.

    One the one hand, we have a Beis Din who seiruvim have no impact because they can't be taken seriously, given that the Beis Din's extreme ground rules effectively barring the use of any other professional Beis Din.

    On the other, we have the "professional" Battei Din, many of which extort fortunes and distort Torah to benefit not only themselves, but their favored clients.

    Added to the mix is the fact that, given that the Battei Din have a gentlemen's agreement to not make one another accountable -- and certainly if the one being held accountable is a vicious terrorist like Kaufman and even more so if the one asking that he be held accountable doesn't have millions of dollars and/or yichus behind him.

    So, in the end, we have a system where justice can never be accomplished, to the extent that "justice" means what the Torah says it means: That aggrievances be addressed fairly and honestly, without regard for "who" the litigants are and how much money they have.

    And even more so (and this is what shocked me the most when I first heard about Kauffman) the high-handedness, arrogance, lack of proper judicial procedure, and utter lack of transparency.

    I'm not expecting a level akin to what we were taught in law school, but something that wouldn't make even the most corrupt judges blink in amazement.

  31. Shlomo Zalman Kaufman's Contract of Arbitration:
    --RABBINICAL court of  Shlomo Zalman Kaufman--
    IS THIS THE ...
    EIN # 161742113
    Location Type: Single Location
    Industry: Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service
    Ownership: Private
    Year Founded: 1984
    Sales Range: Under $500,000
    Employees: 1 to 5
    17. The foregoing constitutes a COMPLETE WAIVER of any LEGAL or HALACHICAL right of the parties may otherwise have to proceed in any other such forum regarding adjudication of the disputes.

  32. The difference between Givas Hamorah and Kaufman is that Givas Hamorah are like harmless clowns who are sincere in their minds. Mr. Kaufman is at best a תלמיד חכם שאין בו דעת, which נבילה טובה הימנו! At worst he is a vicious criminal. Its possible that he has a combo of both.

  33. Why are we not noting his
    "seven+ time "therapy system"?

  34. Flohr is his partner in crime. ???
    וואס מען טוט פאר יענים טוט מען פאר זיך
    CRUEL בהמה is his nickname in his inner circle!

  35. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

  36. When pressure starts for therapy, she goes goes to therapy for 7+ times may even go to the mikva once. Then just before going again to the mikva, she shocks the husband and therapist. With a phone call
    I am not coming to YOU no longer! BYE

  37. What is so bad about pesharah (compromise)?
    I think that in an ideal world people should learn how to resolve their differences among each other without resorting to any Bais Din or Court.

    At least in the vast majority of situations.

    There are too many court cases - whether in Bais Din or Court.

    Perhaps one way to keep out of a Bais Din is to start liking the idea of Pesharah in all your dealings with people!

  38. Indeed, I could not agree with you more! And as pertaining to this disucssion, instead of divorcing couples should reach a persharah to remain married!

  39. Who doesn't like a well thought out Pisharah ,!?
    The problem with Kaufman is that his
    Pisharah is not a Pisharah at all!
    It has no resemblence to even handednes ,fairness thoughtfull ,deliberate, Miseenoos careful .
    But He does just the opposite he imposes a hasty not thought out extremely damaging resolution(usually to both sides) and you have pay more money time 1500 per hour or more Bais din fees to get him to change his mind if he does so at all!
    He is is utilizing the arbitration document that both parties signed to force implement and IMPOSE a settlement that is usually Grossly UNFAIR and smashing one side or both sides!,
    Read the other posting about his Infamous so called Beroorin/Arbitration document , Why he even has his litigants sign and unwittingly agree this "PSAK" even if it goes AGAINST the halacha !!
    Read the other link posting it is on top !
    Do your own research!

  40. I hear that Kaufman sent his buddy Shmuel Freid(toen)to respond to try and remove the Siruv But no dice,

  41. Shmeel Fried is the master of fictitious siruvim! He learnt from his teacher, Yiddle Gruber. Fried sends out all sorts of siruvim and threatening letters from "orchos mishpot", a non-existent beis din registered to Grubers address.

  42. Another Rabbi like him that breaks up families, in monsey R' Chaim and other gedolim denounced him , him and his wife have a tactic of manipulating women to leave their husbands, then he gets personal with them, he goes by Benzion Bamberger from Rabbi Rudinsky yeshiva . Its mitzvah for anyone to call up R Rudinsky so that R Bamberger stops destroying families. He relocates cities every few years and leaves his tracks behind.

  43. I wonder How Kaufman can utilize buddy 'toen' fried to send a letter to Givas Hamorah Bais Din on his behalf ,(probably for free)
    I happen to be aware of at least two cases that are before the monsey flohrs kollel bais horaah that one side is being represented by FREID as toen!. so Now if freid is doing personal favors for kaufman How can he be impartial judge? these cases before his court are very serous Get cases literally 'Diney Nifashos'
    ' , How is this not considered Shochad ??? He should imiedaty be disqualified as Dayan in theses cases!!?! (and maybe in all cases)
    The answer is that there is literally no oversight on our batei Din
    Everyone is afraid to act and the litigants are also afraid to bring it up because Kaufman will become vengeful and Who knows? award the get !or take away visitation !or Not award the Get!.So Shah Shteel Shush !
    We are living in the generation of the Mabel and we have Dayanim of Sodom!!
    We should see the wake up call.

  44. It is strange that Kaufman sent buddy Shmeel Fried to Givas Hamorah .to plead for him,
    There are 2 open cases in front of kaufmans Bais din? and freid is a toen
    (expensive one ) so how is this not a conflict? ,doing personal work for the deciding judge( probably gratis ) is he not afraid ,Is it because once the litigants signed arbitration there STUCK ?NO Recourse.Hah

    (these cases are serous families in the midst of being Broken up.)

  45. 'Shmuel Fried(toen)'???
    How can Kaufman utilize Fried ? I happen to know that he is the Toen on a open case in front of Kaufman a Large family complicated Get/Shalom etc.
    Me Thinks that's a cozy favor for the JUDGE!! and A Violation...
    One hand washes the other.. !Rotten in Denmark

  46. Shmeel freid is currently the toen on a different case that is before s z kaufmans BD,
    I wonder how the other side of that case feels about this 'cozy' relationship of Freid and Kaufman? was it a paid job or free favor for the judge?

  47. I wonder how Kaufman can use Fried to represent Himself in at the Giivas Hamorah Bais Din SIRUV I happen to know that Fried is currently representing the opposing side!(the woman) in the Flor get which is currently in front of Kaufman and his Ahem "court" so that would be considered too 'COZY' to be acceptable No?

  48. Someone posted this Kaufman Siruv in the Reb Chaim Flohrs Kollel,
    The next day a response was posted in the Kollel by Rabbi Kaufman stating his official response that :
    Yes he is prepared to go to a Din Torah in New square Bais Din . So no more need to be concered about the Givas Hamorah Siruv any more. (this was a PR move slyly calculated to cancel out or lessen the Siruv against Kaufman !)

    The trouble with this response is that it was thought up by buddy Fried and has Already been put in front of Givas Hamorah Dayanim and they Do NOT accept this answer ... Because First Kaufman would Have to actually SIGN a Shtar Beroorin at the Skwere Bais Din. AGREEING to go there and FOLLOW their Psak,
    But Since he did not do so And Has absolutely no intentions of signing a shtar,,his response is just: window dressing! and not a response at all ! and was not accepted by Givas Hamorah Dayanim .
    The Siruv has NOT been removed by the Givas Hamorah Bais Din
    The Siruv is still fully in effect.

  49. I heard that this Siruv was posted In Reb Chaim Flohrs Kolel!
    And as a response rabbi Kaufman also posted and passed around a letter stating that he will go to skwere bais Din or mechon lihorah and with this he hoped to lessen the impact of being the recipient of a SIRUV.
    However this is a repeat of his (Fried) letter and response to the Givas Hamorah Bais Din SIRUV which was REJECTED by them, for Anyone can respond to a siruv stating he will go elsewhere ,
    The main thing is to actually SIGN a Shtar Birurin!! forcing you to really go , and thereby NOW giving that new Bais Din total jurisdiction

    but just announcing that he will go to skwere is just a voice in the wind and a bad attempt to PR and damage control.LOL!
    (aside issues from his cozy relationship with toen Fried)

  50. I heard that this Siruv was posted In Reb Chaim Flohrs Kolel!

    And So as a response rabbi Kaufman also posted and passed around a letter stating that he will go to skwere bais Din or mechon lihorah and with this he hoped to lessen the impact/shame of being the recipient of a SIRUV.

    However it does not suffice it is a repeat of his (Fried's) letter and response to the GivasHamorah Bais Din SIRUV which was REJECTED by them, for Anyone can respond to a siruv with a pledge that he will go elsewhere !,

    The main thing is to actually SIGN a Shtar Birurin!! forcing you to really go ,
    and thereby NOW giving that new Bais Din total jurisdiction
    But just announcing that he will go to skwere is just a voice in the wind
    and a bad attempt to PR and damage control.LOL!
    (Aside issues RE his cozy relationship with toen Fried.........)

  51. Just the opposite!
    How does a Bais din hear about the claim at ALL BEFORE Both sides are present?
    they don't hear NOTHING about the claim Until both parties are present Exactly like the HalaCha!


  53. The Siruv was posted all over monsey !, People are being emboldened and all of a sudden everyone and his cousin agrees and thinks it is long overdue !!
    Unbelievable When it rains it pours!
    But there are many cases where he inserted himself as a Big Papa for life I wonder what will happen with these ?


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