Wednesday, January 28, 2015

11 year old Chareidi girl raped by her uncle - speaks out 6 years later

נערה חרדית: "נאנסתי ושתקתי. לא עוד"
אסתי, נערה חרדית, נאנסה על ידי דודה. המשפחה ידעה אך העדיפה לעצום עיניים, ואסתי הלכה ודעכה, עד שהגיעה לעמותת תל"ם המסייעת לצעירות חרדיות במצבה. לאחרונה אזרה כוחות לשים את התוקף מאחורי סורג ובריח - וגם לדבר על זה, "כדי לתת אומץ לאחרות לקום ולעשות מעשה"
לפני שש שנים השתנו חייה של אסתי מהקצה אל הקצה: הנערה הצעירה - כמה חודשים לפני בת המצווה - נאנסה באכזריות על ידי הדוד שלה, סמוך לביתה שבעיר החרדית מודיעין עילית. הנערה הפגועה לא מצאה אוזן קשבת בקהילה הליטאית הסגורה שבה חיה ואף לא בקרב בני משפחתה, ומצבה הלך והידרדר.  
אבל גם חבל ההצלה הושלך אליה מעומק המגזר החרדי, בדמות עמותת תל"ם – מרכז חדש שהוקם במטרה לסייע לנערות מהמגזר החרדי שמצאו את עצמן מחוץ למסגרות משלל סיבות – רבות מהן, על פי עדותה של אסתי, נפגעות תקיפה מינית.  
הטיפול והשיקום שעברה ועוברת, הביא את אסתי לעשות צעד בלתי שגרתי למגזר, ולהתלונן על הדוד האנס – וגם לדבר על מה שעברה, מתוך מטרה "לתת אומץ לבנות אחרות שנמצאות במצב הזה או במצבים דומים לקום ולעשות מעשה", כדבריה.
"גדלתי בחברה חרדית 'רגילה", היא מספרת ל-ynet. "קצת לפני בת מצווה שלי, דוד שלי לקח אותי לסיבוב ברכב ליד הבית. בהתחלה הוא דיבר איתי: 'נכון שכיף להיות ערומים, לישון ערומים'. נבהלתי. זה דבר לא רגיל במגזר שמדברים על דברים לא צנועים. ואז הוא התחיל לגעת בי, ובהמשך אנס אותי".


  1. "11 year old Chareidi girl raped by her uncle - speaks out 6 years later"
    What is a "Chareidi girl"? It could mean anything. Is she from a Chasidisha family? Is she from a Yeshivisha family? A Yerushalmi family? A Sephardi family? An Ashkenazi family? More specifically what kind of Chasidim are heir parents? Or, what is the Yeshiva her father learned in? What Bais Yaakov did her mother attend? If the family is Sephardi, then who is their Chacham? Who is the uncle that allegedly raped her? A Chosid or Litvak or Sephardi? If he is a Chosid, who is his Rebbe, if he is a Litvak, who is or was his Rosh Yeshiva.

    Who is the Rov or Mora De'Asra of the community the girl and the rapist uncle belongs to? What BAIS DIN has jurisdiction of the place where the girl's family lives in, or over where the uncle resides?

    Why are those Rabbinic Authorities and Powers not being confronted and made part of the allegations and discussion? Have we reached such a low that anyone can do what they want and only if a product is not kosher do we go to a rabbi but when there is something serious going on it has to be dealt with by the media???

    You see, the problem is that with the usage of this term "Charedi" there is no real final address to go to to solve the problem. It is like saying the "Fascists" or the "Communists" just another useless archaic IDEOLOGICAL LABEL that does not help solve serious CURRENT problems but just facilitates that it will never get solved, because who is going to take on "Chareidim"? You are either part of this amorphous mass or you hate it, take your pick.

    So it would be more helpful if specific names could mentioned. That is what happened in the Eliezer Berland case when finally a specific name was mentioned and then action can be taken if the Rebbe is helping to solve the problem and is thus part of the solution to stopping sex abuse, or if the Rebbe denies and is fighting the allegations and thus makes himself a big part of the sex abuse and cover-up problem in his community.

    But just falling into the trap of labeling people as "Charedi" or not just aggravates the problems and never solves the since secular Jews view ALL Charedim as pathologically sick, while in Israel Charedim take cover behind and pride in calling themselves "Charedim" when no one even knows how to define the term or who it refers to EXACTLY. Proof is that in America the authorities or media and Frum Jews themselves NEVER refer to THEMSELVES as "Charedim" and that is part of the reason America is better at dealing with and getting a handle on sex abuse because there are no labels (nor beards and black clothing) to hide behind such as saying "Oh well, they are Charedim, what can you expect" or "We are Charedim and we have immunity from such accusations by dint of our group identity"!

  2. i can honestly say that i am totally and absolutely clueless as to why any of the items you brought have any importance what so ever.

  3. I'm a Jew. 'Nuff said.

  4. Why is the "Chareidi" label needed here at all? Can you understand that and answer that? Thanks so much!

    you could have said that and it have been completely understandable. i might disagree with such a statement but it makes sense. the stuff you wrote however in your first reply were simply meaningless.


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