Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Schlesinger Twins: Chabad of Manchester supports Beth


  1. The way I'm reading the letter is that it is simply calling for increased visitation time for the mother.

  2. Anything has to be better than what she has now... Its an absolute disgrace what is going on.. People are just to scared to speak out. A total miscarriage of justice. All the boys want is a "normal" life and yet some people will just not allow this. Those poor children being deprived their mother.

  3. What I don't get is why Rabbi Biderrman is doing nothing to help!
    Can't he supervise the children's visiting with their mother. It is normal for parents to take their children to school and collect them. It happens everyday.
    What is happening in this case abnormal! The children are entitled to see their mother and she is entitled to see them, so why is she being blocked? This is not true Judaism. Isn't Biderman Chabad. Chabad need to be screaming at him, because Biderman is a disgrace and should not even be allowed to call himself a Rabbi let alone be in charge of a Chabad School!

  4. Chabad need to call Biderman now to explain his
    actions. Enough suffering Benji and
    Sammy through the perfidy and betrayal of Biderman not to mention Thau and the ‘Family
    Court’. Come clean Rabbi Biderman!

  5. Finally....a human being has arrived

  6. Ev, you are right – at last a human and menchedick
    representative of Chabad. He is very
    welcome after the absolute inhumane and vicious way Beth and her children have
    been and are being treated by Michael Schlesinger, his family, Rabbi Jakob
    Biderman Chabad Vienna, the bent psychiatrist Foldes and bent judge Thau, Rabonnim
    and lay leaders of the Jewish Community Vienna.
    Those children should never have been taken away from their mother. What
    a dreadful pack! The stain of they have created for themselve
    will never leave Austria or the people there who call themselves Jews and are
    sorely lacking in any kind of Yiddishkeit!

  7. What exactly is everyone scared of ????? This community is an absolute embarressment...so greatful I dont live there. Hopefully Beth doesnt become bitter and twisted like the rest of them. And if any of you fence sitters are reading our posts, speak out and get a backbone. A young woman living alone in a foreign country which appears to be very cold energetically should be nurtured ,supported and taken in by the community in such a challenging situation....shame, shame, shame....its been long enough now that you are all making her suffer for some sick reason. All of you Mothers over there need to WAKE UP NOW before Benji and Sammi come knocking on your doors in 15 years asking why noone helped them to see their Mama.

  8. As Jonathan Arkush of The British Board of Deputies wrote A Miscarriage of Justice a stain on Austria"

    At long last Chabad are waking up, hence this letter.

    Let's hopr it is the first of many expressing support for these children and their mother!

    The way leaders of the Jewish Community in particular Rabbi Biderman who could do anothing to help the situation, but purposefully, does the opposite and Oscar Deutsch, who snubs his counterparts, is an absolute disgrace and beyond comprehension

    What sort of community is the Austrian Jewish Community?

    At a time of much antisemitism around the world when Jewish communities are uniting, it appears that the Jews in Austria
    want to stand alone. They are insular, unfeeling and obviously don't care about their fellow Jew let alone
    this mother and her children!

    Unlike the Jews in the rest of the world, why do the Jews of Vienna think they are untouchable?

  9. The fact that ONE Chabad representative doesn't automatically fall in line with Biderman is significant in and of itself. Chabad in NY is never going to get involved in this - in their eyes, it's an "local" matter (unless, that is, one of Moshe Kotlarsky's relatives was the abused party).

  10. What I don’t understand is how anyone in Vienna can accept Biderman as being fit to run a kindergarten or school given that he has shown a complete lack of sensitivity with regard to two of his pupils. He has seen the suffering of the twins first-hand and yet he has coldly ignored it. Is this man up to the job of being in charge of children let alone educating them? In my opinion, his suitability to be in any way responsible of impressionable youngsters is being called into question. Is the Education Department of Vienna aware of what is happening in Biderman’s kindergarten? Is it legal to refuse a non-custodian parent any access to information regarding their children? And is this how a religious Jewish Educational establishment conducts its business? Many questions need to be asked. Why are worldwide Chabad not questioning this dubious way of dealing with pupils so young and vulnerable? Why are they still proud to list Biderman as their lead emissary (Shliach) to the entire country of Austria?

    If Biderman refuses to acknowledge a video of the Rebbe himself urging the graveness of removing children from their mother ( http://helpbeth.blogspot.co.il/p/video-of-lubavitcher-rebbe-discussing.html ) and refuses to acknowledge the rulings of a “well known Lubavitcher posek” ( http://helpbeth.blogspot.co.il/p/the-lubavitcher-rebbe-held-strongly.html ), and ignores all pleas from other Shluchim raising their concerns ( http://helpbeth.blogspot.co.il/2015/01/schlesinger-twins-chabad-of-manchester.html ), in what way can he still be allowed to run any institution using the Chabad name?

  11. Aaron Duchan I am afraid this is human nature. People don't get involved because they have the notion that it hasn't happened to them or their nearest and dearest, so it doesn't matter

    This mindset needs to change and Beth's supporters need to get the message across thast the behaviour towards these boys will not be tolerated!

    What is happening to Sammy and Benji is pure abuse!
    In Birmingham Muslim schools were investigated. Chabad Vienna needs to be investigated too, especially if they are listed on the Crown Heights Website!

  12. After reading about Biderman and his total lack of compassion or feelings regarding the suffering of these two little boys in his school, I wouldn't let him near a zoo let alone an educational establishment for young people.

  13. I don't think the kndergarten authorities in Vienna give a damn about the fates of two half-Englsh children entrusted to the care of a Jewish institution there. Rabbi Biderman works hand in glove with the Vienna City Council and with the whole horrible mob of ungodly Jews who have ganged up against Sammy and Benji Schlesinger and their mother, doesn't he? Is it any wonder that there is antisemitism in Austria when a ratbaggish posse of Jews from Vienna - rabbis, doctors, lawyers and kindergarten teachers - don't even support their own kind?

  14. One thing i will say: at least everyones rav is speaking up for their client. Something which we don't see often enough in the jewish community.

    Now the rabbonim have to get together and work it out. Of course, they won't. Chabad has plenty of internal conflicts they can't work out. At least we're halfway there.


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