Monday, November 4, 2013

Avreich who voted for Rav Sternbuch - allegedly kicked out of Rav Weiss' kollel

Behedray Chareidim   Light at the end of the tunnel of the complex and complicated saga which has been called by all the 'Golovenzitz compound affair'.

A decisive and overwhelming majority of purchasers of the 'Givat Yerushalayim' union, which belonged to Rabbi Avraham Slonim, voted to oversee the project with excavations by the Eretz Hachaim Association, under the presidency of the Av Beis Din of the Eida Hareidis Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch. Thereby they expressed an overwhelming opposition to the intervention of Atra Kadisha. 

In addition, the housing activist Rabbi Yitzchak Firer gained the public's trust and was elected to lead the buyers' committee, over the Atra Kadisha representative, Rabbi Meir Grenimann, who applied for candidacy and suffered a great defeat.  [...]

"The representative of the Gab"d criticized in Hapeles the dismissal of avreichim' 

Not only the Litvaks threaten to dismiss avreichim who did not listen to Gedolei Torah in the last elections. One avreich (name withheld) who was among the buyers and is learning in a kollel of the Gab"d in Jerusalem, was asked by the Gab"d for whom he voted in the elections during the meeting. When he 'confessed' that he voted for Rabbi Firer and for supervision of Eretz Hachaim under the Rab"d, the kollel management ordered the avreich to leave the kollel and informed him of his expulsion from its ranks.

"This behavior is very surprising," the board buyers wonders, "Rabbi Avraham Froelich, a representative of the Gab"D for Meiron published a letter this weekend in 'Hapeles', in which he criticized the removal of avreichim from kollels following the elections. "It is not worthy to take disciplinary action against Lomdei Torah and to remove them from yeshivos and kollelim, just because that listened to their rabbis," said Froelich. I wonder what his reaction would be in light of the above story.

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