Monday, November 18, 2013

Former chief rabbi Metzger arrested for taking bribe, fraud

JPost   Former Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger was arrested by authorities early Monday morning on charges of taking a bribe, fraud, breach of trust, and conspiracy to interfere with an investigation.

Anti-corruption detectives from the LAHAV 433 unit who have been investigating the rabbi for months said that the sums of money which exchanged hands in this case is “in the millions of shekels.”


  1. ...Hat tip: @Eddie

  2. Rabbinic Corruption? No couldnt be? Our rabbis are perfect! They make no mistakes with GET Meusa and surely dont take bribes? In case you havnt realized, I was just kidding. I guarantee you that all the high profile divorce cases like Dodelson is about money and not the truth.

  3. This is a good example of Haredi interference in politics and the elections for Chief rabbi. they tend to prefer a corrupt Rav rather than a modern one. Perhaps this is "justified" since they see the MO rabbis as reformers. But a stolen sukkah is not kosher, even if it is built more strictly than an MO sukkah.

  4. Rav Eidensohn, I have a painful question for you. Is it possible that Chareidi Gedolim don’t take the potential for Chillum Hashem into account when making decisions? Of all of the potential candidates for Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, nobody at the time claimed that Rav Metzger was the biggest Talmid Chochom, the biggest Tzaddik, or the most eloquent spokesman for Torah. There had already been allegations that his record was not as spotless as you’d want an ambassador from the Torah world to be. Despite that he was endorsed by the Rav considered by many to be the Ashkenazi Posek Hador, who picked him because he could be relied upon to follow that Godol in issues of public policy.

    If an idiot and an Am Haaretz such as me was able to foresee the potential for his appointment to lead to a major Chillul Hashem, then the incomparable genius Posek Hador certainly saw it. I can only conclude that the potential to cause people to mock Torah and Rabbonim in a major Chillul Hashem is simply not something that Chareidi Gedolim concern themselves with, or that it is at most a very minor factor for them. In a similar vein these Gedolim may know the statistics of how many frum Jews leave Torah because of the Chillul Hashem of Get-Refusal, but they don’t worry about it.

    Can you think of any other explanation?

  5. We knew that Metzger was corrupt even before he was elected. He was investigated by the former Chief Rabbi Bakshi-Doron who tried very hard to prevent him from becoming Chief Rabbi. We can all thank Rav Elyashiv for this massive chillul hashem.

    1. watch your tongue fool!

    2. What did I say that was inappropriate?
      Is this not a massive chillul hashem?
      Did Rav Elyashiv not push for Metzger?

  6. Rav Elyashiv pushed for another currupt rabbi, rabbi Tropper.


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