Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weiss-Dodelson: Gital's campaign against Rav Reuven Feinstein's Yeshiva begins

SI Live  A social media and phone campaign to bar an estranged husband from the Yeshiva of Staten Island is the latest gambit in an increasingly aggressive and professionally-orchestrated effort to extract a "get" from the son of a prominent Island Jewish family. [...]

"We turn to the administration of the Yeshiva of Staten Island, where he studies, to protest against him and to remove him from the Kollel" says a notice posted on Ms. Dodelson's web site. "Tell them in no uncertain terms that withholding a get is NOT acceptable." 

Supporters are urged to call the yeshiva and the phone number and address are listed on the web site. Calls to the yeshiva for comment weren't immediately returned.

Shira Dicker, who described herself in an email to the Advance as "part of Team Gital," acknowledged that "Gital is one of my clients" and became defensive when asked whether she was paid for her services.   

"I have seen some people jump on the fact that the Dodelsons hired a publicist as if this is some kind of crime or sinister strategy," Ms. Dicker said. "That really confuses me. What is problematic about a victim taking her story public? I hope that is NOT what your question implied. Other women in Gital's position hired hit men."[...]


  1. We need Moshiach!! We no longer no how to behave!!!!
    Do people realize that if these types of extreme measures are taken the validity of the get will be looked upon by her very own community as invalid. Her own extended family would hesitate to consider as a marriageable person.
    At this point we dealing with pure Sinaas Chinaam. Please everyone encourage BOTH sides to stop this. The only innocent is the child and anyone who thinks otherwise should take a few steps back and ask themselves if they really have any really Yiras Shomayim left.

    1. In other words, the man that refuses to give a get should face no consequences.

  2. I fully agree with the above. "Pure sinas chinam". Cut and dried.

    It's the strident rationale of that Dicker woman that nails the coffin of sinas chinam shut!

    Sadly, the blogmaster's earlier post about Rabbonim who hold it's a higher value to "sacrifice" one's son rather than expose the immorality of community pillars who are bent to forcing a Get -- only plays into this intense galus mentality.

  3. כל דאלים גברNovember 17, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    I think I figured out what's taking to long. They don't know how to spell Gital, in a way that it won't be confused with Gittel. Seriously, do they put נקודות in a גט ?

  4. Waxman a woman who refuses to allow the father custody from age 6 and wants a stepfather for her son is not marriage material and is welcome to marry iincatholic church.

  5. I think Gitel should copy her remarks in the New York Post and give it to any man thinking of marrying her. If he is lucky, he will get a better review. But just think how effective terror is, and how any man who is looking to marry would view a woman who wrote such an article? Parents of a woman who wrote such an article, especially those who paid to have it done, by hiring a publicist, should be labeled as child molesters. I was talking to a major Rov in Israel not long ago and told him that the first rule in marriage is, when there is trouble, the parents should stay out. He agreed enthusiastically. If the parents would have settled, it would have cost them money. But now they are spending and spending to make terror, and the terror is going to build until it backfires. And in the end, they will never get a GET with terror. People who never did any fighting are now aware that the Kotlers and Dodelsons will destroy the world to get what they want, and it is time to fight back. If anyone wants to join with me and do something for these mamzer factory people, call me at 845-578-1917.


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