Monday, November 25, 2013

Expectation grows for repeal of Beit Shemesh elections

Times of Israel   Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is considering going to court to overturn the results of October’s Beit Shemesh municipal elections over allegations of widespread fraud.

A police investigation into allegations that some supporters of Mayor Moshe Abutbul had voted multiple times has led, according to a Justice Ministry official, to the realization “that there is no alternative to new elections, as things appear now.” 

Officials, speaking anonymously to Israel Radio, cited the growing body of evidence related to instances of fraud, including the discovery of some 200 identity cards in an apartment and car believed to belong to Abutbul supporters and the finding of a cache of clothing that apparently served to disguise individuals who voted multiple times on election day.[...]

In light of the close vote and growing evidence of fraud, and after holding several meetings on the issue in his office in recent weeks, the attorney general is expected to appeal the vote and ask the courts to order a new municipal election.

The decision to appeal is expected soon, likely before the weekend, after which appealing the election will be prohibited by law.


  1. I find the irony fascinating. Elements in the Chareidi community were nonplussed by the possibility of a non-Chareidi mayor because, obviously, he wasn't religious enough. So they potentially cheated and stole the election so the guy who was religious enough would win. But the religion they're worried about protecting abhors cheating and stealing.

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    2. the religion may abhor cheating and stealing but many of the religious don't. see today's item about employees in the jerusalem municipality doing their "special thing".

    3. The head covering/kipa was instituted by Chazal, with the dream that if one doesnt walk 4 paces with one's head uncovered, he will refrain from theft.
      As things transpired, today people cannot even walk 4 paces without some kind of theft. Is, therefore, the kipa redundant?

  2. Today some Chareidi MK blasted PM Netanyahu for a chillul Hashem - for not wearing a kippa on a visit to a Jewish library in Russia.

    There is little or no basis for a kippa in Torah Law, and according to the Gra even in Rabbinical Law. It is assur, on the other hand, to publicly embarrass somebody. This is an inversion of Torah values.


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