Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bnei Brak has alarming increase in child molesting cases

Kikar Hashabbat

תושבי בני ברק בחרדה בעקבות ריבוי המקרים הקשים של תקיפה אכזרית של ילדים. בהוראת הרבנים, ארגון "השומרים" מפרסם אזהרה חד-משמעית לתושבים: "מסתובבים אנשים רעים וחטאים, חוטאים ומחטאים, שמציקים לילדנו באופן הגרוע ביותר". הסיבה לאזהרה: מעל עשר תלונות רק בשבוע האחרון



  1. Nu, lashan hora umessira ma tehe aleihen?November 17, 2013 at 5:10 AM

    Who will have jurisdiction over the Security Cameras? Will they take away the tapes to have a first shot at it? Will they intimidate or offer $5000,000 to hush it away? Are they going to bully you and your family or take away the Parnoses if you say something when you see something? Are they going to pull a plastic bag on your head, give you a mashkante with Karate chops, kicks 'n sticks flying mid-air? Kol dealim gvar you know. Are the prods 110V, 220V, or 5,000 shocking volts? Will they sacrifice you as a Soir laazuzel, or - 'toch...' 'toch...' you as a korben pesach with a live electric prod kigdi mekiless only to become a tzli esh ad sheyoir kol hagoiloh kimdiras esh or ad sheyomer rotze ani? You first must ask a shaile uegodol, but the shaile is whom do you ask. Must it be ra bonim shebegoilo, or the rabanei bnei brak or local rabbanut? Maybe one rabiner from his own golil will not encroach into anyone elses glolim, since it is not his problem. Can the perpetrators be shipped out to an undisclosed destination such as Zimbabwe or Morocco under cover? All these issues must be resolve first, otherwise, may hoilu chachamim bitekantom. It would be wise to gather the internet and i-phone ra bonim into Giant Stadiums that are into znies of womens underwear and their colors, tight, and all the other issues along, because all these incidents happen to be just because of them. Only time will tell. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. Boy it takes these guys time to wake up


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