Friday, November 22, 2013

Schlesinger Twins: New revelations from her husband's father

Jewish Telegraph     Only when Beth separated from her husband after three years did she decide to make contact with the father-in-law she had never met and from whom his son had been estranged for 30 years.

From him she heard a chilling, all-too-familiar tale.

She introduced him to the grandchildren he never knew he had and he spent happy hours with them until his furious son was granted a court order forbidding any further contact.

Beth said: “He wept when we met. He said that a miracle had come true beyond his wildest dreams.

“This father was a simple man with simple wishes. He did not desire riches or pursue unrealistic aspirations.

“He did not fight for custody nor did he wrangle for assets.

“His only wish was to attain the inalienable right of every parent to see his children and play a role in their lives.

“He was denied that as the court battle dragged on for 10 years.

“He lost everything, including, at times, his will to live.

“Without emotional or financial support and with nowhere to turn, this father was left a broken man.”

He never remarried nor enjoyed the pleasure of parenthood.

Beth told me: “It was almost word for word identical to my own experience.

“Suspicious psychological reports, dubious professional statements, irregular court decisions and questionable tactics which caused immeasurable psychological damage.”

She added: “My father-in-law said that as far as he’s concerned, his son is dead.” [...]


  1. Does anyone know if the Father is Jewish?

  2. Why don't you email someone in Vienna to find out? All the email addresses of the leading Rabbis over there can be found online very easily.


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