Thursday, June 13, 2013

Suspicion: Sudanese men planned to molest girl

YNET   The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court extended until Sunday the remand of two Sudanese migrants who are suspected of planning to molest a five-year-old girl.

Local police officials said Thursday the girl was not hurt. During the remand hearing it was revealed that according to what the girl told her parents, she may have been hit in the head and blindfolded.

The two young migrants were arrested in the capital Wednesday after the girl's mother called the police as the suspects were making their way from Mikonor Street to a public park.

The remand hearing revealed that the girl was with the suspects at the time of their arrest. The girl, who was missing for about half an hour, said she was with the suspects for the entire time. The suspects claim she followed them.
The attorneys representing the Sudanese men said they were arrested due to the color of their skin. The police representative at the hearing told the court the suspects did not resist arrest and do not have a criminal record. [...] 

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