Tuesday, June 4, 2013

20% off my Child & Domestic Abuse vol 1, 2 and 3 - only for month of June

volume 1 Using code JZ9DHZ22 on the links below
Discussion of the unique problems of abuse as well as the halachic issues (with synopsis approved by Rav Moshe  Sternbuch.) In addition there are 25 Essays by 16 experts on important topics.

volume 2
500 page Hebrew and English Source Book

Volume 3

 Compact summary of basic issues from volume I together with some important sources from volume II

For the month of June only, there will be a discount of 20% when purchasing any of the 3 volumes of Child and Domestic Abuse.      click this link for a brief description of the books

**However this is only when  purchsed through my Create Space eStore -  Using code JZ9DHZ22    using links  above.    There is no discount when purchased through Amazon or in the stores.

Make sure that the discounted price appears before checking out of the eStore.

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