Sunday, June 23, 2013

Abuse prevention: Friendly Message to Camp Summer Staff

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  1. I posted this earlier today on FaceBook with this preface:

    Jewish Community Watch's Meyer Seewald has put out a hard hitting video about child molesting and camps. It is aimed at camp staff and administrators combinding reasons to avoid molesting and threats if anything happens (you will be exposed!).

    I like most of it. There is one message I hate- "one touch will ruin a child for life." I completely agree that many touches (or more) or even one touch, can sometimes be very damaging. But we are stigmatizing victims (even if we are motivated to help them) by implying there is such a predictable consistent effect and the effect is ALWAYS profoundly and permanently damaging. It undercuts faith in the ability of kids to recover well if the abuse is detected soon enough and dealt with forcefully enough and the kid is not viewed as "damaged goods."

    Still, on the balance, I think this is a useful video with the potential to reduce abuse this summer.

    PS I would not call this a "Friendly" message.


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