Sunday, June 16, 2013

A rabbi that publicly embarrassed Kolko's victim's family - publicly apologizes

The following is the letter that Rabbi Dovid Epstein wrote to apologize for publicly humiliating Kolko's victim's family. It is an incredible act of courage and hopefully it will motivate others who committed the same aveira - to do teshuva. Rabbi Epstein gave explicit permission for this letter to be publicized. Hopefully this will help in the healing process - and aid in Rabbi Epstein's atonement.


  1. I don't want to comment on all the strange aspects of this letter; after all, he is apologizing and he did so in public.

    But I do want to point to the most glaring atrocity here: he's only apologizing for all the pain, suffering, shame etc. that he so eloquently enumerates because he found out (three years too late) that the family did indeed have permission from a posek to go to the authorities, otherwise, of course, all the pain and suffering they went through because of him and his cohorts wouldn't have been hurtful to the family.

    1. Are you saying that causing embarrasment and shame has no place in dealing with those who transgress halachic norms?

    2. Are you saying it does have a place?

    3. So then all his focus on their pain is disingenuous; it's not their pain he's worried about, he's worried about his oilem habah. He wasn't worried about their pain when he thought they deserved it.
      "HOW MUCH PAIN!!" "the PAIN the AGONY" "I'm planning to work on visualizing, being metzayer, the anguish you had to be able to FEEL it"

    4. no it isn't. If the pain is deserved then it is beneficial to the one who is being shamed. He is apologizing for undeserved pain.

      Why are you so focused on belittling his apology?

    5. And if the pain is undeserved then Hashem had another cheshbon for why they deserved it anyways so no one did anything either way.

      To be honest, when I saw the headline I was excited, I thought the tide had finally turned, someone was finally apologizing, but as I read through it my enthusiasm waned. While it is impressive that he apologized in public, the whole construction of the apology is strange:
      1. He starts out by saying his whole world crumbled before his eyes because he just found out something he should have known in the first place (it's someone else's fault that he didn't know it).
      2. He's only wrong because they had permission from a posek.
      3. What I mentioned above re he's only worried about their pain now that he considers himself to be wrong.
      4. He kvetches about his double bypass surgery.

      Why are you so focused on building up his apology?

    6. Fortunately Rabbi "S" and his family don't view the letter the way you do. They provided me with the copy with the approval of Rabbi Epstein. Your response comes across as insensitive. The feedback I have gotten is very positive.

      Perhaps you would like to write a guest post the way you think someone should apologize in this situation and see if anyone else agrees with you?

    7. I didn't want to discuss all the negative aspects I saw in his apology because I am impressed with the fact that he apologized, I only wanted to make the one point I made at first because I found that to be the most glaring.

      I remain impressed with the fact that he apologized.

    8. You say that embarrassment and shame have a place when someone transgresses Torah. Fine, for someone who actually transgress. What his wife? His children who got ostracized and weren't accepted into schools? What have they done to deserve this shame? And in light of how the actual transgressors are treated in our community, those who molest the children, it's just mind boggling! That the person who reported child rapist AND his family are treated significantly worse than the child rapist himself, is beyond my comprehension.

    9. The bypass surgery is the nicest part of the letter!!! He says that he was loikeh begufo [physically harmed] because of what he did. He then goes on to say that that isn't enough, and he deserves more!

      It's also of utmost importance to bear in mind what the other people are saying/ not saying. A certain pulpit rabbi in Lakewood with much more blood on his hands in this case, got up in front of his congregation the Shabbos after he plead guilty, and blamed KOLKO!! He said something like "HE told him he didn't do it and on the bases of that he raised money for him....!!!

    10. SubWifeJune 17, 2013 at 5:47 PM

      You say that embarrassment and shame have a place when someone transgresses Torah. Fine, for someone who actually transgress. What his wife? His children who got ostracized and weren't accepted into schools? What have they done to deserve this shame?...
      The law of cheremm or nodoi includes punishing the family.

      Justice Menachem Elon (Principles of Jewish Law): From the geonic period and throughout the Middle Ages until recent times, courts added further and greater hardships to the living conditions of the menuddeh as laid down in the Talmud - the talmudic provisions being regarded as a minimum which the court could increase according to the severity of the individual case (Sh. Ar., YD 334: 10; Rema YD 334:6). Among such additional hardships were prohibitions against performing circumcision of the menuddch 's children or their marriages; expulsions of his children from school and of his wife from synagogue; and prohibitions against burial of the menuddeh and according him any honor due to the dead (Rema, ibid.). He was to be treated as a non-Jew, his bread and wine were forbidden like those of a heathen, his books were regarded as magicians' trash, his zizit were to be cut off and the mezuzah removed from his door (e.g., Sha'arei Zedek 4:5, 14). Treating a Jew as if he were a non-Jew amounted, within the closed Jewish community, to civil death; and indeed it is said that a man on whom a herem lies can be regarded as dead (cf. also the precept in the Karaite "Book of Precepts" by Anan b. David, after describing the ban to be imposed for capital offenses: "In short, we must treat him as if I e were dead": L. Nemoy , Karaite Anthology (1952), 13).

    11. Well, if halacha permits this or even requires, then can't one make a case that no one really owes this family an apology? The mob acted according to their rabbis' rulings - perfectly in line with halacha; the rabbis simply held differently than other poskim who permit reporting - I am sure they have someone/something to rely on), and if they held that this father was and still is a moser, tormenting the family (in accordance with the passage above) and putting the father in herem was perfectly within the halacha. If these rabbis hold that father shouldn't have reported Kolko to the authorities and still consider him a moser - why would they owe an apology? All within halacha, no?

    12. I disagree with you vehemently, and actually consider your message a disgrace. Here's why. Halacha recognizes that there may be differing opinions about things. That was legendary in the disputes between Beis Hillel and Beis Shamai. They held opposite opinions in halacha in a myriad of subjects. Yet, neither ever shamed the other, drove them out of town, or looked to have them and their families disowned by everyone in their communities. Quite the contrary. They intermarried, ate at each other's homes and simchos, and interacted respectfully. As long as someone acted in good faith, having sought halachic backing and support, then none of the shenanigans that occurred were appropriate. All the rabbonim who participated in this witchhunt by virtue of disagreement with other poskim were oveir quite horrible aveiros. Now that the facts and truth are known, they erred greatly. Even if one wishes to consider their error a "shogeg", not a "maizid", I am unimpressed. Why? We learned the mishna in Pirkei Avos recently:

      אחד שוגג ואחד מזיד בחילול השם

      An apology is in order from the rest of the rabbonim plus whatever community leaders were part of the eviction process. Many innocent people were damaged. Aveiros that are bein odom lachaveiro are as serious as those which are only bein odom laMakom. I would hope that each and every guilty person in this fiasco is wracked with guilt until a fitting, sincere, and public apology is made.

  2. This is an amazing letter of apology. I have no doubt about it's sincerity.

    But it begs a few questions. How could a rav issue the original attack without directly contacting the subject of the attack both to be certain of the facts and as a matter admonishing before publicly shaming.

    Moreover, given Rabbi S's high stature why could he himself have not been presumed a competent posek on these matters.

    I fear there is yet another apology needed by the rav for parking his halachic brain and not using it and mindlessly taking questionable directions from others. That ultimately was the problem in this case.

    Perhaps since he showed so much courage in attacking Rabbi S from his pulpit he has now developed a stronger spine and can also act to inform his mispallelim about which rabbonim lied to him about the facts.

    1. Actually, the original attack happened in the shul in which Rabbi S was the Rav! He was publicly humiliated in front of his own kehilla on Shabbos! R' Epstein is not a pulpit Rabbi.

      Hopefully as part of his teshuva he will get the Lakewood Rabbis to publicly do teshuva.

    2. They rarely, if ever, check and verify. I myself was awakened by a panicked Rov at 2am. A dayan had just phoned him to ask how he permits a mesarev to attend Beis din to continue davvening in his shul. I had to fax over copies of the Beis din's correspondence showing that I indeed accepted but it was the Beis din that didn't get their act together, before I and my rov could get back to sleep.

      I met the Dayan a few months later and asked him how he could do such things without verifying with his own office? He said it doesn't sound right, but as it was a few months ago he can't remember the event. If he takkeh did it UNJUSTLY, he is apologizing.

      The same applies to the Kol Koreh's published by Gedolim. Somebody, usually with an ulterior motive, comes crying with a tale - straight out of Hans C Anderson - with just a tiny true detail incorporated to salve his conscience. Before he's managed to wipe away his crocodile tears, there are posters displayed along the length and breadth of Eretz Yisroel signed in the name of the Gedolim.

      There was one occasion, where a group of askonim printed their own version of the front page of Maariv newspaper, to show Rav Shach ztvk"l what was written in the press. Which caused him to sign a Kol Koreh. It was then taken to the Steipler ztvk"l who signed it on the basis that Rav Shach had signed. It was then touted around town and dozens of signatures were appended on the strength of those 2 signatures.

  3. So Epstein was "misled" that S got a psak to go to police, and now his whole world collapsed. If S never got the psak, Epstein would still be thinking he "was doing something proper". This is just hilarious. Given the facts of this case, as they have been reported, this is contemptible beyond description.

    1. "was doing something proper" is called arrogance,
      I think about the previous heilige generations - my parents/grandparents,
      (they combined working ehrlichdick and strong learning)
      their ehrlichkiet and sense of balance was unbelievable.
      I never saw this twisted sense of righteous indignation, regardless of the situation,
      especially when it came to putting down a victim no less.
      our shoiresh/foundation of emesdikiet is crumbling or gone!!

      Hashem help us please.
      A yid in NYC

  4. Good.

    But - "Incredible act of courage"? Why? Isn't this what we're supposed to do? Act like menchten? Obey the mitzvos? Apologize when we make a mistake? Honestly, this should not be a big deal.

    1. Considering the incredible silence from the rest of the rabbis as well as the Lakewood community it obviously took tremendous courage to go against the stream and to apologize publicly as well as allow it to be published

    2. R' Eidensohn is right. Despite any criticism we can come up with. This is the only apology I have heard and I am a witness to some of the attacks on the father of the victim.
      R. B. still feels that there isn't enough for even a niggling of doubt as to possibly apologize to what he has caused to them.
      Neither, has a popular pulpit local Lakewood Rabbi who is a grandchild of a famous pragmatic rov felt any need to re-think the possibility of him have done anything wrong. It is as if they believe about themselves that this new concept of "Daas Torah" gives them infallibility such as the pope, lehavdil.
      One of these instigators has also had personal severe health issues since he has done what he has done. But chose not to use that as a point of reflection. Unlike R' E.
      He should be recognized only due to the fact he has chosen to split from the rest of his illustrious company and do some inner reflection.
      Even though none of them attempted the basic thing that we are all taught in hilchos loshen hara, ask the person themselves as to if it is true what people are saying about you. None of them asked R' S. why are you doing this.

    3. I'm not sure why we're beating around the bush; seeing as how it's a mitzvah to publicly shame those who go against halacha we should be naming those pulpit rabbis who are grandchildren of pragmatic rabbis. You're referring to Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen who is married to a granddaughter of R' Avigdor Miller and is himself a descendant of the Chassam Sofer.

  5. I am confused. Why does this man Dovid Epstein think that the psak of a single man helps to go to the authorities when it is not necessary as per the psak of rav elyashiv?
    Also before you publicly attack someone surely you call him up and ascertain the facts first?
    But at least he has the humility to apologize publicly which is worth something from his side but not from the "S"s side whomever they may be.

  6. Please note that Reb Dovid isn't a Rabbi nor has he ever been a Rabbi, he may have semicha & may not, I couldn't vouch either way. He has a pretty much blue collar or quassi white collar job, which I respect him for, being a son of a choshuva pre war talmid of R' Shimon Shkopf , who was a choshuva mashgiach ruchni. Nevertheless he had no problem doing meanial work in public in Lakewood.
    BTW he is a widower quite some years, and generally doesn't speak loshon hora.
    A friend of his a cousin of Rabbi Belsky got him in to this, & when they went there Shabbos to try & physically remove the Rabbi of the kehilah, they were actually physically removed by the mispalellim.
    I don't believe Reb Dovid was the one to cause the pain, he may have caused a minuscule amount of pain compared to the entire story.
    The reason he blames himself for all the pain is because he is really a tzadik,& this is probably one of his very few aveiros he has ever committed, and he is hell-bent on doing tshuvah sheleimah, like asking mechilah berabim.
    He is misguided, because one doesn't need a psak from a Rabbi, to go after a roidef, but that he may yet learn.
    I highly doubt he will ever mix in to something like this again. Even this was a little off for him, quite a shock.

  7. This is wonderful that Rabbi Epstein apologized, but does he understand Rav Sternbuch gives EVERYONE, not just Rabbi S, a heter to go to the police when there is reasonable suspicion?

    -ben dov

  8. Who in the world is Dovid Epstein?

    1. It seems he's the only "frock" in town with yiras shamayim!!!

  9. This letter might bring mashiach.....

  10. We must applaud R' Dovid for these courageous acts. For those of you out of Lakewood your probably thinking what's the big deal? Everyone has the sense to apologize when your position was utterly and publicly humiliated....

    Well let me tell you what's going on here in Lakewood. NOTHING!!! Nobody apologized !!

    Most people don't know that he plead guilty, and still don't know about the father's tzidkus in this story. This letter won't be printed in any of the print media, not even in the one that shamelessly ran ads raising money for kolko!! It's not featured in any of the heimesh news sites (matzav,TLS, and yeshiva world).

    R' Dovid and countless others were led to believe that the abuse never happened and that there was no psak. Had they come forward when they realized the junk they were sold, like R' Dovid, they can be understood. But so far he is the only one!!

    And then there are those that knew the truth all along and deceived the oilam... Two of them (k and b) leading yeshivos, getting kavod, and nobody threw them out on their head?!

    Rebono shel oilam you know this is not an indication of where most people in lakewood stand!! Please bring the geulah and save us from these reshaim!

    1. Its scares me when you realize what some of our leaders are covering up.
      and this is some of the stuff we know about,..oish.

  11. I see that Rabbi Epstein was as sincere in attacking Rabbi S. as he is in his apology to Rabbi S. For this he stands way above the others within the lynch mob. It is for this very reason that we can only survive as a people if there is respect for a psak halacha that differs from the one you are familiar with.

    Rabbi E.- Your seforim and the work on your blog have been public knowledge for many years. It has also been known for many years that there are responsible Rabbonim who insist on telling police without a Rabbinic gatekeeper. The lenient opinion of the Aruch Hashulchan about Mesira is also well known.

    But all this doesn't matter to fanatics who have no regard for opinions that differ from their own, even when espoused by responsible Rabbonim. So much so that a family's life can be ruined and a whole 'Torah city' stands by and watches. This is pure Sodom in all of its horror. In conclusion Rabbi S. and his family have a letter to hang on their refrigerator.

  12. Just a brief thought. What was once a subject of halacha worthy of discussion has become a matter of pure emotion. Yes, only emotion, with logic and halacha way off to the side. It is interesting to observe all those who enter into discussions about mesira as engrossed in a hot debate, while nearly all of these debaters are completely unlearned and uninformed about the halachos of mesira. In this climate, it is way too easy to hear anything about involvement of authorities in anything, and right away react reflexively that it is mesira. Until one actually studies the sugya, we have these brainless reactions. In reality, it is inviting, and led so by the (uneducated) masses, that the public protest anything to do with police or secular court. Once the brain gets into gear, the picture is very different.

    We have tshuvos from major gedolim and poskim on the subject, all which examine the shailoh in its complexity. Those who scream "Arka'os" or "Mesira" have never written a tshuvoh on it. (Exception - R' Menashe Klein ZT"L - a shitas yochid.)Amazing. These screams are not a psak, the product if careful intellectual investigation, just an emotional reaction. Lakewood is as vulnerable to this as anywhere else.

    I reviewed this apology letter carefully, and I find it appropriate, respectable, and a welcome splash of cold water to the face of Klal Yisroel.

  13. few points and a question.

    1. DE and his friend - the cousin of RYB, never went to remove Rabbi S - they went to be moche against his going to arkaos. They also never claimed that YAK was innocent.

    2. They were both completely lsheim shomayim - ask anyone who knows them.

    3. The cousin of RYB was physically harmed during that incident - he was thrown down a staircase.

    4. DE and his friend - the cousin of RYB, were both misled by "holy" people with unholy agenda.

    Question. When did Rabbi S receive the heater to go to arkaos? Was it prior to that Shabbos incident or after?

    1. I think it's a great chillul Hashem that someone that called himself an insider is still very much defending the indefensible!?!?

      To you're question: both Rabbi F and Rabbi K (hint: both in the top 10-15 in American Lithuanian world) gave him a hetter and urged him to go to the DA before. As for R' Shternbuch in not sure if he had addressed this specific case at that time.

      THEY WERE MOST DEFINITELY PRESSURING THE SHUL TO "THROW HIM OUT". The pressure by the "cousin" and others did not stop until he moved out!!!




    2. In New Jersey, EVERYONE is a "mandated reporter" and required to report abuse or neglect of which they are aware. That means that, absent the one year statute of limitations, the Beis Din and a lot of other people could have been prosecuted for not reporting.

      See "Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect" from the US Government Child Welfare Information Gateway. It may be freely reproduced and distributed, as long as they are credited. Here is the download link:

      The section related to New Jersey:

      New Jersey

      Professionals Required to Report
      No professional groups are specified in statute; all persons are required to report.

      Reporting by Other Persons
      Ann. Stat. § 9:6-8.10
      Any person having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to child abuse, neglect, or acts of child
      abuse shall report.

      Standards for Making a Report
      Ann. Stat. § 9:6-8.10
      A report is required when a person has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect.

      Privileged Communications
      This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.

      Inclusion of Reporter’s Name in Report
      The reporter is not specifically required by statute to provide his or her name in the report.

      Disclosure of Reporter Identity
      Ann. Stat. § 9:6-8.10a
      The identity of the reporter shall not be made public. Any information that could endanger any person shall not be

    3. The cousin of Rabbi B. has said on many occasions that YAK is completely innocent.

  14. This is ridiculous. It is not an apology. It is simple religious rambling, where no responsibility is taken for his actions, no real awareness is present of the damage he has caused, where he makes himself out to be a victim (YOU'RE NOT!), and where his ignorance (hello? you don't need a psak!) is still plain and clear. No apology, no hold on reality. I am glad to see from the comments that there are some readers out there who aren't swept up in the zany notions that this is somehow "courageous" but rather "strange."

    1. Sorry you are reading way too much into the text and you seem to have no awareness of the chareidi world.

      please provide the text if you were apologizing. If you think it is so simple to apologize as a member of the Lakewood community - then why aren't there more people apologizing? What would you consider to be courageous?

    2. What "True Apology" said.

      Leaving aside the question of reporting a molester, (there is no doubt to me that in almost every case a molester must be reported) the wholesale disregard of an entire siman of shulchan aruch by many is plain wrong. Like many halachic issues, the perimeters and specific applications are subject to much dispute, but there is a real issur mesira that is alive and well and emotional concerns would not change that. There is information online from a range of Rabbis for those that would like to explore this further. See, for example, this article by Rabbi Michael J. Broyde:

      or over 12 hours of shiurim on shulchan aruch dinei mesira by Rabbi Dov Kahan of Bais Din Mayshorim, Lakewood, available here:

    3. I think you are alleging that I was downplaying the halacha of mesirah. Chas veshalom. It is a critical halacha, and it deserves all the regard that is given to any other part of halacha.

      If you reread my comment, I am referring to the casual use of the concept "mesirah" as is common among המון עם. The halachic ramifications of mesira are generally not understood, and these folks are applying a "concept" to their discussion, not a psak halacha. When you hear the next casual conversation in which the "mesirah" concept is invoked, just inquire of the speaker whether he has studied the halachos at all or has the halachic expertise to apply it. You'll be shocked by the response.

      Meanwhile, many tend to just yell "mesirah" without real knowledge, and do so as an emotional reaction. And that, Rabosai, deviates greatly from what is expected of us as bnei Torah. These same yellers have universally neglected to investigate all sides of a story before concluding something as serious as mesirah. There are plenty of admonitions against such judgment in the beginning of Pirkei Avos, as well as much that was expounded upon in Hilchos Dayanim. I guess the lay dayanim that comprise the Beis Din of Public Opinion follows a different Shulchan Aruch.

    4. So what was Rabbi Dov Kahan's position in this whole story? It sounds like it was a tailor-made opportunity for him to step up and put to good practical use all that wisdom contained in the 12 hours of his shiurim. After all, this happened literally in his Lakewood backyard.

      As for Rabbi Michael J. Broyde, is this the same Rabbi Broyde who was fired from a beis din a couple of months ago for creating fake online identities?

    5. To Daas Torah: I'm quite aware of the Charedi world, been there for a while, hence my insight into the letter writer's lack of ability to take responsibility for his action--which Charedi world members generally do not. Which is the reason why the community do not apologize; and why my wife and I specifically chose NOT to raise our family there. The text would be akin to: Dear Family S--I spoke Motzei Shem Rah about you--everything I said was false. I am a liar. I have publicly embarrassed you all. There is no excuse for what I have done. I am responsible for causing you continued pain and anguish. It is my fault. There was no basis for what I have said. No one should believe anything I said about you. I am aware that this acknowledgement does not remove the stigma that you now carry. I take full responsibility. I will pay you any damages that a Beis Din of your choosing decides.

      To LkwdGuy: Obviously no serious person on this blog is dismissing any siman in Shulchan Aruch. But the members of this forum clearly want to address the evil in our midst.

    6. Adam - I think you have written a very good letter and in the absolute sense you are right. But as you are aware such a letter is not likely to be written by a charedi Jew. The point being for a person steeped in Lakewood culture of deferring to authority - Rabbi Epstein is appropriate for someone who is very sincere in his apology and it obviously took a lot of courage.

      Bottom line - the problem is with Lakewood not Rabbi Epstein

  15. Too bad he didn't go talk to his poseik friend before he perpetrated his rishus. It's nice that he's sorry now, but it's not worth very much.

  16. I was at the trial the day that the father testified.
    It was very revealing to hear him testify about what he was up against.
    Not very good at all for Lakewood.
    I am wondering why the letter is
    only addressed to Mrs. S alone? I know this affected Rabbi S., Victim
    Child S., and Children S as well.
    As someone who advocates for
    victims and tries to educate others on this issue, I frequently find
    myself blurting out the Pasuk "Vaichazek Es Lev Paroh" " And G-d
    Hardened Paroh's Heart", out of utter frustration when trying to
    comprehend the Yeshivishe Olum's stubborn refusal to accept the truth
    about what goes on in their community.
    I don't know if Rabbi Epstein
    was just unnerved by his illness or if he has seen the light because it
    is Emes, but I do believe he is being sincere in his apology. I hope
    that Rabbi Epstein can create a positive momentum amongst his peers and
    will be motivated to do everything within his power to get them on the
    right side of history on this issue. Many victims of abuse will finally
    be able to start to heal from the suffering inflicted by the hardened
    hearts of Charedi leaders.

    1. I am wondering why the letter is
      only addressed to Mrs. S alone? I know this affected Rabbi S., Victim
      Child S., and Children S as well

      I believe he spoke with them either directly or by phone

  17. I don't know who this fellow epstein is. I do know that the rosh yeshiva has a side kick by that name, probably related.

    What is the information that was presented to the rosh yeshiva and othe rabonim that caused them to act as they did?

  18. Simple question: Why was the bombshell only about the heter archa'os, and not when Kolko was shown to be guilty?

  19. If indeed there was a psak from a real BAIS DIN (without political motives) which allowed AS to go to the authorities, why was that psak not publicized? Why are/ (did) the rabbis hiding behind their hats? Why was their psak not put in writing including the reason for the psak? Why did AS not make that psak public and then free himself of his bad name?

    In addition I spoke to some of the rabbonim who were completely clueless as to the legal repercussions of their alleged psak and agreed that there was never an appropriate formal yeshivas Bais Din which is required by Halacha to avoid these "mistakes".
    I am not pro molesters, but I am pro Rabbis following the Shulchan Aruch and not wavering with the politics. Any psak especially of this magnitude should require a formal yeshivas Bais Din and then the psak put IN WRITING with signatures , a clear basis / reasoning for their psak and exact instructions for the plaintiff. If the Rabbis are ashamed to put their psak in writing they should either reconsider their psak or resign from their positions.
    The bullying from the rabbis in this town needs to stop. This feeling that they are above the law is wrong and must end. If you look at the previous generations psakim / shaalos and teshuvos they all have the basis and reasoning for their psak. Rabbonim and dayanim also need to be accountable for their actions. Even the secular court understands that a judge must put his decision and reasoning in writing and on the record. Being a rabbi is not a free license to do as you please! The Rabbis behavior is an absolute Chilul hashem.

    1. The official position of the Aguda is that a beis din is not required. This is the view of the Yam Shel Shlomo

      Rav Sternbuch issued a psak in writing that it was obligated to go to the police. This psak of Rav Sternbuch was known to the rabbis of Lakewood. This is the psak

  20. Rabbi Eidensohn,
    You invited me to submit a guest post showing how an apology should be made. I didn't follow up, but since we have - what I think is - a fine specimen of a rabbi giving an unqualified apology for the way he handled sexual abuse in the past; perhaps you'd repost it, and perhaps even add your own thoughts.


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