Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Education Ministry threatens chareidi schools over core curriculum - 4 months to comply!

YNET   On the path to another confrontation with the haredim: Ynet has learned that the Education Ministry will inform the High Court of Justice Wednesday that if within four months, the haredi educational system does not reach an agreement with the State regarding the issue of core studies, the government will propose a law obligating them to introduce core subjects to all state schools, including Meitzav standardized testing (tests examining schools’ efficiency and growth measures). 

The response of the Education Ministry will be given to the High Court following an appeal that was filed in 2010 by the Israel Religious Action Center – of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. In the coming days, talks will begin between the Education Ministry and representatives of the haredi community, in an attempt to summarize understandings over the next few months, and avoid conflict with the haredi sector.  

Education Minister Shai Piron announced during budget discussions that he would work to establish haredi public schools while cutting budgets to haredi tracks. The scheduled negotiations are part of this move. In the coming days, Director General of the Education Ministry Dalit Stauber is expected to meet with representatives of the schools to promote the plan. [...]


  1. Again, the power of compromise could prevent all this. All the Chareidi leadership has to do is suddenly announce that math, basic grammar and science are permitted to learn and it would take the wind out of the sails of their opponents.

  2. Me thinks another protest in NYC is in order!!!

    Two protests in the course of two weeks would make the Israeli government even more scared!

    The government knows that every person in New York will look at them as cruel and unjust (draft- even for yeshiva bachurim, and now math and science!!!).

  3. And the Charedim will ignore it and find other sources for supporting their schools. Children will be removed by the police and brought to public schools from which they will run away leading to an escalation. Parents will be forced to guarantee that their children will remain in public schools. They will of course refuse and be placed under house arrest (no more room in the jails). And in the end NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
    What a waste of time.
    BTW - If the Israeli government cuts off all funding to non-compliant schools, will Israeli yeshiva tuition start rising to American levels? Will Charedim have to work to pay tuition?
    Oh right, as a high tech worker I make a 'great' salary by Israeli standards, but when I had 7 children at home we were under the poverty line based on the Israeli standard of 2,500 ILS net per family member. To have risen above that level, I would have had to earn double my gross salary. Add a couple of thousand ILS a month for tuition, we would have starved.
    Any ideas for a reasonable solution?

  4. Recipients and PublicityJune 14, 2013 at 1:07 AM

    News: GOD THREATENS & EDUCATES ISRAELI 'EDUCATION' MINISTER Shai Piron of Yesh Atid aka 'Minister of Threats':


    Israel National News / Arutz Sheva:

    "Minister Falls Ill after Auschwitz Visit

    Education minister was carried off prime minister's plane in a stretcher when it returned to Israel.

    By Gil Ronen

    Education Minister Shai Piron [of Yesh Atid] fell ill Thursday after accompanying the prime minister to Auschwitz. He was taken off the prime minister's airplane on a stretcher, after the plane returned to Israel.

    Rabbi Piron felt chest pains and general discomfort in the course of the flight. He was taken to a hospital. He is conscious and even spoke with the prime minister.

    Five ministers accompanied the prime minister to Poland: Yuval Steinitz, Limor Livnat, Yaakov Perry, Uri Orbach and Piron. They met with their Polish counterparts.

    The rabbi of Tel Avif Yafo, Rabbi Meir Lau, a Holocaust survivor, also took part in the delegation."


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