Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kosher Switch - Rav Neuwirth rejects use l'chatchila

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  1. http://www.kosherswitch.com/live/halacha/truth

    Summary of historical events

    The eye witness specified below is a reputable Rosh Yeshiva from Bnei Brak, unaffiliated with the company, and who has not ruled on the permissibility of the KosherSwitch® himself. He has recently agreed to confirm the account presented below. We will consider arranging this communication with an upright member of the community who will commit to publically reporting what he hears.

    During the summer of 2008, while we were in Eretz Yisroel, this Rosh Yeshiva suggested that it would be valuable to present the new technology to Rabbi Neuwirth, shlit’a. He arranged for the meeting and accompanied us to Rabbi Neuwirth’s home in Bayit V’gan,Jerusalem.
    On 6/22/2008, we held a long meeting with the rav, and demonstrated the technology; we sought his opinion not only with respect to its permissibility, but also sought his counsel regarding the various technical parameters that are utilized in KosherSwitch® technology.
    We also presented the rav with the only two approbations that we had at that time, i.e., those from HaGaon HaRav Eliyahu BenHaim (link) and HaGaon HaRav Pinchas Zabihi (link). These approbations clearly rule that KosherSwitch® is permissible l’chatchila and not just for medical or security purposes, as has recently been alleged by Rabbi Rosen and others.
    After a lengthy analysis and many questions asked, Rabbi Neuwirth gave his verbal psak and ruled that he agreed with those opinions that KosherSwitch® is permissible l’chatchila, and verbally expressed his support and blessed the project for success. However, he refused to give us any statement in writing at that time, and asked that we return in a few days.
    On 6/26/2008 we returned to the rav’s home with the same Rosh Yeshiva and had a followup meeting with the rav. He repeated the same ruling and blessings as he did a few days prior and, this time, he also agreed to give us his written approbation. Instead of writing his approbation on a blank sheet or on letterhead, he deliberately chose to write it on Rabbi Pinchas Zabihi’s prior approbation, with the language, “I, too, humbly agree to the invention. And may Hashem Yisborach bless him in the z’chus of Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchasa. And may we merit to the complete Geula.” The rav’s psak was very clear to us, and to the independent Rosh Yeshiva who accompanied us.
    The Rosh Yeshiva continued to assist us, facilitating meetings with other poskim who saw our technology and our approbations, including the one added by Rabbi Neuwirth.
    On 1/6/2010 we again visited the rav in person and we gave him an update on our Halachic and technological progress. He again blessed us for success and IY”H to return with a finished product.

  2. thanks for the excerpt. Yes the issue is perplexing - but the view that Rav Neuwirth wants publicized is in his letter - not on the Kosherswitch website.

  3. The switch is not kosher it follows the users intention. Better to simply close your eyes and move your hand over the wall untill you find a moveable piece of plaStic. Move the plastic up or down as required. Openeyes.


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