Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New 2nd Edition of Daas Torah will soon be in Seforim Stores

Possibly as of next week my new edition of Daas Torah will be in the
seforim stores in Brooklyn and elsewhere. It will still be available
through Amazon. List price will be $40.


  1. Rachel Freier wrote on VIN today:

    " During the formative years of the venerable Hatzolah organization, its original founders facilitated training women to serve women, primarily in cases of emergency childbirth. By 1981 approximately 300 women were trained EMTs (75 were from Kiryas Joel and more than 200 from Brooklyn). Shortly after the women began serving, zealous cries came from Williamsburg, accusing the women volunteers of violating tznius standards. The women EMTs were humiliated and expelled from the organization; subsequently the original founders resigned."

    Can someone corraborate this as well as its source? Sounds like an exaggerated bubbe maisa.


  2. sorry to add more bad news

  3. So I got my copy of the new Daas Torah yesterday. Where did the Hebrew side of things go?
    Also, I immediately turned to the Six Day War section. Was there not more material from, oh say, Rav Zvi Yehuda Kook and other Dati Leumi leaders you could have included instead of all the screeds from the Satmar?

  4. Garnel Ironheart said...
    So I got my copy of the new Daas Torah yesterday. Where did the Hebrew side of things go?

    I had a limit of about 820 pages. There was a lot of new material that I wanted to include - the Hebrew was displaced.

    The main issue was to show that the Satmar Rebbe rejected hoshgacha protis and insisted on the role of nature in his battle against Zionism

  5. Does anyone believe the holocaust was a result of hashgocho proris and reject the role of nature in describing the holocaust?

  6. I got that impression but I would like to see some stuff that balances it out.


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