Wednesday, January 18, 2012

French police suspect rabbi raped underage girls

Police in France have questioned Rabbi Daniel Farhi, a prominent member of the Jewish community in that country, over suspicions that had he had raped an undisclosed number of underage girls, French media reported Tuesday.

The 70-year-old rabbi, who founded the Liberal Jewish Movement of France, the nation's tiny Reform Judaism group, was grilled by investigators at a police station in Paris earlier today.


  1. Congratulations. This is Hershel Schechter's star gerus where the woman never started keeping Shabbos or even eating kosher.

    The shellfish is bad enough but smores are usually made with chazir derived gelatin.

    January 12, 2012

    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner celebrated Kushner’s 31st birthday with an intimate dinner rather than a blowout Tuesday, when they were seen at “a cozy corner table” at Jesse Schenker’s West Village hot spot Recette. Spies say the pair nibbled on hamachi with uni, fluke with shellfish congee and s’mores with graham cracker ice cream, topped off by a candle. Trump then presented her hubby with two maroon Polo Ralph Lauren waffle shirts and other gifts.

  2. The Ivanka-conversion affair is just so disgusting! Hasn't anyone been able to ask RHS about it???

  3. YU-Torah U'mada & Dovy 1)- What does this have to do with the post?

    2) What's shver? She could have been mekabel mitzvos at the the time. Have you never heard of someone going of the derech?

    3) I didn't know RHS was megayer her.

  4. RHS's inner circle reached out to Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz when he started as the first one to publicly criticize it. He said they did not provide any acceptable explanation. The make up of Ivanka's beis din was certainly strange enough, comprised of RHS, Haskel Lookstein & a chassidishe.

  5. Do you believe everything you read in Page 6? If so, email me, I can get you a good deal on a foreclosed bridge just off the FDR drive.

  6. Had YU Mad Ua forgotten the strange and curious case of the convert Borokovsky - ie the former husband of the mother of the Langer "mamzerim"?
    Borokovsky ate treif all his life, before and after his non existent giur. Yet, since his giur was crushed by a Chief Rabbi who also served in the army, the entire Haredi leadership declared Borokovsky to be a Jew in every respect. This, despite the fact he could not even "Shema Yisrael...", and consumed chazir at home.

  7. Good point Counterpunch,

    The different is that rav Goren was Mizrachi and r' Elyashive hated his guts so much (some say because he was passed over for Chief rabbi, that time believe or not, r' Elyashiv was very close to Mizrachi and his shul was Hapoel Hamizrachi). That time r' Elayashiv change his alliagnce and moved to the haredi side. Even during that time the haredis used giyur as a political weapon.

    Now we have another haredi, menual Leib Tropper ושם רשעים ירקב who revoked conversion because the girl follow modern Orthodox practice(wearing pants).

  8. You don't need Page 6. Ivanka has a history of writing posts to her Twitter account on Shabbos about the latest delicious treif she is eating at 5 star restaurants.

    It's also well known that Jared left frumkeit during college and never came back. His relationship with Ivanka was on again off again for years before her phony giyur because his modern orthodox convicted felon father was so upset about it.

    The question is, just HOW handsomely were the dayanim rewarded for pushing through this sham gerus?

  9. gourmang- "The question is, just HOW handsomely were the dayanim rewarded for pushing through this sham gerus?"

    The question is HOW delusional are you?

  10. Borkovsky sent his children to relegious schools in tel aviv-1950's.....
    He didn't know לכה דודי. Not as you said
    Goren found a posul witnes that claimed he saw him in a tref restarant...not as you falsley said...
    I think you should worry after saying such a שקר on rav alyashuv shlita. I Protest

  11. My source is wikipedia in hebrew. עיין שם

  12. Tziki kedera said...
    My source is wikipedia in hebrew.
    עיין שם

    This time you gave a source... but the source says no such thing. Tomorrow b"n I write what it does say. (p.s. don't bother trying to edit the wikipedia page- I'll revert and report you.)

  13. Don't you better things to do in your life than spying on converts? Why don't you do something productive and find out what your idol Tropper is up to these days.

  14. Borokovsky said "shema yisrael hashem elokeinu melech haolam", and cooked pig in the bathtub.

    He was a goy all his life.

  15. Actually, a close examination of her twitter account that I undertook to settle a bet a few months back showed that she didn't tweet on Shabbos. Furthermore, I know people who have seen her in shul on Shabbos morning.

    Although I couldn't resist the urge to post the above, the real truth is that I shouldn't have because it's no one's business what she does and how Jewish she is. She was converted by a group of frum rabbonim, and random people do not have the right to opine on the validity of that geirus or of her religiosity based on something that they read in the NY Post - or even based on something that they witnessed with their own eyes.

  16. Some quick facts from the wikipedia article thiki quoted:

    1) There were NO eidim borokovsky had converted in the first place.
    2) As counterpunch said, Borokovsky could not complete Shema.
    3) RYSE claimed the eidim had passeled themselves, RSG claimed ain adam maysim mtzmo rasha and palginan diburei
    4) After the psak din, Rav Elyashiv immiediatly joined the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah and went on to become Maran. If you want to claim RSG had an agenda you can say the same thing about RYSE. (I think they both did what they believed)

    Tziki, I know you don't like Rav Goren, but it's really not nice to lie about a Milsa D'avida Legluyay like that.


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