Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Woman assaulted by haredim in Beit Shemesh while hanging signs in a synagogue,

Beit Shemesh resident Natalie Mashiah, 27, who was attacked by dozens of extremist haredi men while trying to put up posters of Mifal Hapyis (Israel's national lottery) in a synagogue recalled the moments of horror.

"I didn't even have time to pull down the hand brake, and they already surrounded me. They shattered all the windshields and threw stones at me. I begged them to stop, I promised to leave, but they wouldn't let me go.


  1. responsible for these criminal acts is none other than the Israeli government,and the chareidi leadership,here we have over 100,000 young chareidi men,who for some idiotic reasons have been exempted from army service,you have tens of thousands of ignorant savages,who don't work,(they have absolutely no skills),who don't learn,they are roaming the streets,are bored out of their minds,their self esteem is nil,zero,they hate their empty and ignorant lives,therefore they hate everything and everybody who comes in contact with them,and by the way it has been proven again and again,that these ignorant animals who are busy running after women and screaming TZNIUS,they themselves are the biggest perverts and low lifes,these are the guys molesting little boys in the mikvah"s and schools,
    There is only one solution to this problem,round them up,draft them into the army,let them fight the arab enemy instead of running after girls and women,
    and while in the army force them to learn a trade,in order to be able tO function like a human being in a normal society
    and by the way i am CHAREIDI myself.

  2. The real tragedy here is that this kind of stuff is no longer shocking.

  3. This is a pogrom. I think it is wrong to call these hooligans Haredi.
    They have not concept of observing Halacha. It is time for the real haredim to separate from these loonies completely.

  4. I thought that these people acting out against women , were neturei katar and a wing of the Eida Chareida . Not all Chareidim.

  5. Not to excuse the punks that attacked these ladies in any way, but how stupid do you have to be to start hanging lottery signs in a Shul in Beit Shemesh? Do they alsowave american flags in Iran?


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