Saturday, January 21, 2012

'He masterminded systematic rape of over 100 kids' :The nightmare of Nachlaot

Members of the haredi community in the capital’s Nahlaot neighborhood are calling it “The Holocaust.” At least 10 pedophiles molested more than 100 children for six years, reaching nearly every family in this close-knit community.

One mother couldn’t figure out why her two sons would get hysterical every time she left the house, begging her not to go. They were chewing their clothes to pieces and having uncontrollable outbursts. She brought them to different doctors and psychologists to try to determine what was wrong, but no one could figure it out.

Then community doctors started seeing strange marks, possibly indicative of abuse, on many of the children. Finally, one young boy was injured in a way that was unmistakably sexual abuse. He was the one who finally broke the silence, and talked about the horrific abuse happening in the neighborhood.

Members of the community call this “the miracle.”[,,,]

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  1. Aside from the problem of silence, which we have covered at great length at this site, we also see in this story another problem - the twisted israeli (in)justice system and the way in which it fails to protect victims and potential victims from dangerous criminals. Once the parents decided to cooperate fully, it is now on the shoulders of the Israeli (in)justice system which has completely botched this (and of course blames it all on the parents). They worship legalisms and technicalities of the Turko-British law system instead of enforcing justice and protecting the innocent which should be the guiding principles.

    They ROUTINELY use old british administrative detention laws to arrest and hold rightwing activists and hilltop youths, without any charges and quite often without even a drop of evidence to connect them to any supposed crimes, and yet I'm supposed to believe there is no way that this pedophile mastermind sicko can be held in incarceration? I'm supposed to believe that the law demands he remain free? The fact that the police would publicly BLAME parents to the press for their own botched investigation is an outrage. Even if there was some truth in that, can you ever imagine the police in the US doing such a thing? The priorities are totally twisted and the law system is outdated liberalist crap that does not punish the real criminals. These ridiculous attitudes are an outgrowth of the terrorist-embracing Oslo accords and all of the terrorist releases from jail since the time of Menachem Begin. It has ingrained in the govt's agencies (police being one of them), that violent criminals are coddled and victims blamed. Because after all, weren't the major politicians like Shimon Peres blaming the victims when his terror buddies under Arafat were crashing buses and later on, blowing them up? Wasn't that the fault of "settlers?"

    Totally twisted.


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