Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inverse relationship between time spent multitasking on social programs & social problems

Tween girls who spend much of their waking hours switching frantically between YouTube, Facebook, television and text messaging are more likely to develop social problems, says a Stanford University study published in a scientific journal on Wednesday.

Young girls who spend the most time multitasking between various digital devices, communicating online or watching video are the least likely to develop normal social tendencies, according to the survey of 3,461 American girls aged 8 to 12 who volunteered responses.


  1. What are "social problems?"

    What are "Normal social tendencies?"

    The article doesn't explain these terms at all, so it gives us no way to critically evaluate the findings or the study itself. We just need to take the researchers' word for it or take CNN's word for it? Not really.

    Maybe someone can dig up a link to the published study?

  2. There is a good reason for this:

    Would you want to be friends with someone who is always texting or answering his or her cell phone when you are trying to talk with him or her?

  3. The study, at best, seems to show that online communication is not to be seen as perfect proxy for real life interaction, which is a fair point. But does online communication actually cause a degraded development of social skills? I don't see how a voluntary survey can resolve causation, rather than just report a correlation. It could very well be that girls who develop social problems also tend to favor online communication.

  4. Is nothing sacred anymore?

    First Pinny Lipschutz's Yated that was a stalwart against Lubavitch messianism completely loosened up after the deaths of Rav Schach & Pinny's uncle R' Elya Svei. Today the Yated is so pro-Lubavitch that that Chabad has not only lifted their cherem of the paper to allow it to be sold in all the stores they control but the Lubavitch media actively excerpts from it. You could say becoming the best new found friend of Lubavitch has it's rewards $$$.

    Pinny always steered clear of anything that had to with Tropper but this week that barrier has been broken as well. The Yated had a photo spread of the hanochas tefillin for the son of Rabbi Barros in the Fallsburg shul, as if Barros is some notable adam gadol in Klal Yisroel. Tropper engineered the expulsion of the previous rov to install his prize talmid Barros as his surrogate to actively to do kiruv on all the intermarried couples in the Catskills. And since millions of dollars were flowing in for this "lofty" purpose, this "tradition" has been continued by R' Elya Ber who does not want to see all that money go to waste.

  5. Rabbi Avromi David, who is not same person as R' Hillel's rosh kollel son in Seattle, was working as a lawyer in Manhattan. He was running an illegal immigration mill and charging as much as $30,000 to provide green cards for aliens who don't qualify. When he sensed the FBI was closing in, he escaped to Canada 4 or 5 years ago where his alter zaydas were Rebbes there of Bais Strettin. He became the rov of a shul in Downtown Toronto. A lot of things about the story didn't add up so I decided to look into it. The shul is officially orthodox but does not seem to have any frum members. A Toronto Sun newspaper investigation revealed that David was living with a Mexican woman in a NJ apt who is probably not Jewish.,_attorney,_denies_immigration_fraud_charges/

    He was arrested by Toronto Police around Yamim Noyraim and just extradited back to NY last week. His lawyers are Moskowitz & Book. Avi Moskowitz is the modern orthodox guy defending Margulies on the molestation & conspiracy lawsuits, who had a huge messy mop of hair until UOJ making choyzek prompted him to get a haircut. Chaim Book as a camp counselor, allegedly helped Belsky cover up for Kolko molesting little kids at Camp Agudah.

    The Justice Dept issued a press release naming another 13 accomplices arrested or indicted in the case of Avrohom David's illegal immigration mill. There are some Hispanics and Arabs as well as some more heimishe guys.

    Part of the scam is that heimishe bakeries and caterers said they gave jobs to the aliens. So is the Chaim Walter who was arrested the same Chaim Walter who owns a bakery with heimishe hashgocho in Monticello? And is the Avromi Flam who was arrested in Lakewood, Avromi Flam the caterer? Flam is also a cousin of David from the Strettiner Flams.

    Dovid Grynstzajn is a Lubavitcher whose name came up in a Senate investigation of Munkatcher Pell grant fraud. He was lav davka a willing accomplice as Munkatch was known to use peoples' names without their knowledge too.

    There are a lot of people named Robert Salamon so it could be anyone.

    There are also a couple of Sefardim one of whom took off as a fugitive.

  6. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 31, 2012 at 12:24 AM

    Good observations "Fallsburg"!

    Isn't Barros a Hispanic ger himself, so how can he work with gerim?

  7. Troppenstein's monsterJanuary 31, 2012 at 6:12 AM

    Barros is not Hispanic. I believe he comes from an 10 island archipelago nation in the Atlantic, Cape Verde, that is part of Afica and formerly a Portugese colony. Many of the inhabitants believe they are mixed-race descendants of Sfardim from the Inquisition cross-bred with Blacks. Almost 100% of the country's population is creole (mixed black African and European descent). The Portugese men who colonized Cape Verde did not usually bring wives with them. As female African slaves were brought to the islands, interracial mixing occurred. If Michael Freund hasn't pounded the pavement over there yet, he should be fired. There is a large immigrant group of these people in Massachusetts & Rhode Island who are living as pseudo-Jews as well.

  8. Troppenstein's monsterJanuary 31, 2012 at 6:14 AM

    "ger himself, so how can he work with gerim?"

    They raised this question today on Rabbi Yudel Shain's blog as even OU & YCT rabbis who are gerim reportedly do not do giyur.

  9. Proof that the Vilna Gaon was correct when he said that shitos like modern orthodox are not sustainable. You see their kids either become more frum or like you nebich see today that more than 50% are being mechalel Shabbos with texting or other meshugassen.

  10. Leib Pinter and the Frankel's shul ganovim will have to make room for one more. Gofman had a bunch of unindicted co-conspirators from Yankel Velvel Katz's kollel in Cleveland.

    Is anyone aware by the way what Yankel Velvel's connection is to Leib Tropper? I have heard the Tropper inner circle speak very endearingly of YVK and his close relationship with Tropper.

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The two lead players in one of the country's largest mortgage fraud schemes took different approaches at their sentencing hearings Thursday in U.S. District Court.

    Beachwood businessman Uri Gofman, 39, admitted to his crimes, apologized for his actions and got 81/2 years in federal prison for conspiracy and wire fraud charges from U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent.

    "I have lost everything I've worked for my entire life," Gofman told Nugent. "I've brought shame on myself, my family and my community."

    Tony Viola, 46, whose Cleveland real estate company found buyers for Gofman's properties, continued to proclaim his innocence.
    "This has been a very difficult experience, and maybe I'm making it worse, but at no time did I think we were doing anything wrong," Viola said.

    His lack of remorse cost him. Nugent sent Viola immediately to prison for 121/2 years. Gofman was given time to report and will likely serve his sentence at a prison in New York that will allow him to practice his Orthodox Jewish faith more easily.

    The sentences bring investigators and prosecutors a step closer to completing a massive mortgage fraud case that involved more than 450 houses and $44 million in loans. The scheme has been blamed for contributing to a foreclosure crisis that caused housing prices to plummet in Cleveland and its inner-ring suburbs, costing property owners untold millions in lost equity.

    Gofman has pleaded guilty to similar charges in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. He is not expected to receive additional prison time in that case but has agreed to forfeit $600,000 in cash and 43 properties worth an estimated $4.1 million.


    Avromi David who is under arrest for the illegal green card scam once had a law office in Lakewood at 216 River Ave. But he lived in Marlboro. Did he daven in a shul around Marlboro? It's not likely he would walk over an hour to daven by R' Chaim Veshnefsky. Maybe he went to Chabad of Western Monmouth if anywhere.

    The Canadian Strettiner ainiklach named Langner that he is related to started becoming Conservative rabbis / cantors in the last generation.

    His first wife from whom he is divorced with a child was a Moroccan girl, family name Encaoua.

    His second wife from Mexico is named "Salome Fernandez Palomo". It is possible that she is Jewish despite her Hispanic name as some old Sfardish mishpochos from Spain moved to Mexico hundreds of years ago, although most of those ended up intermarrying.

    He was in trouble with the SEC over a decade ago for stock fraud.

    A federal judge held a preliminary hearing Monday in the criminal case against a former New York immigration lawyer who prosecutors say made millions of dollars leading a fraud scheme that won legal immigration status for tens of thousands of clients.

    David, who is 47- years-old, faces up to 50 years in prison, if convicted. Eleven other defendants are on trial with him as co-conspirators. Thirteen others were charged earlier; most of them have pleaded guilty and already have been sentenced.

  12. The Leo Teitelbaum arrested in the David green card sting is identified by FM blog as going by his Yiddishe name Lipa Teitelbaum.

    Is there more than person who goes by both those names or is it the son in law of the alleged molester Chazan Potchie Lipschutz from Frankel's shul and Monsey? That Lipa Teitelbaum is in cherem from a beis din along with his shver due to a real estate scandal in Suffern. He is best known as the Satmar street bum from the Amnon's pizza scene on 13th Ave who is the kid brother of Aaron Teitelbaum from the orchestra. He is also the former owner of Deli 52 on 13th Ave. Hashgocho was Amram Roth. Pretty much anyone who shook Lipschutz's hand in the diamond district ended up with at least one gem stolen by him.

    Teitelbaum was sent by David's law firm to bribe a public official to receive police badges from the Orange County Sheriff's Dept.

    The US Dept of Homeland Security has been very nervous lately about illegally obtained police shields as they could be used by Arab terrorists.


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