Monday, January 23, 2012

Kav L'Noar Child Abuse Conference - mp3 of Rav Leff & Dr. Pelcovitz

I attended the Kav L'Noar Child Abuse Conference in Jerusalem tonight - Sunday January 22, 2012.  The presentations were excellent and are a reflection of the progress that is occurring in our communities. I am just providing the recordings of the two main speakers. Click on link to listen or right click and save link to download mp3 files

Rav Zev Leff as the halachic adviser to Kav L'Noar is clearly aware of the issues. He focused on the various conflicts involved - without offering a nice neat resolution. He addressed briefly the need for calling the police and mandated reporting and clearly and forcefully acknowledged that abuse is not the area of competence for rabbis. He ended up suggesting the need for a group involving rabbis, social workers, therapists and secular authorities such as is done in Los Angeles and Bnei Brak.

He also graciously acknowledged using and benefiting from my books which he recommended to everyone interested in the topic of abuse. Click this link to hear his endorsement.

Dr. David Pelcovitz is a consultant to Kav L'Noar. He presented a sensitive and informative presentation which gave clear practical advice as to how to protect children and shared his extensive experience regarding specific problems. He also stated that rabbis are not the total solution to the problem since they have often focused on what is best for the abuser rather than the victim.


  1. most important news.2 weeks abo i put up my poster, angel news presents no more protection. MONDROWITZ. SEE my facebook today ha aretz reports today he is injail and not getting out - i dont know how much you know about him, but he is the head of the snake and brought the otehrs over and we were looking for proof of that.i figured if we break the head the others will crack easier.

    conference yes i was there too. saw some slimy sidekick of zalman cohen slinking in and started to shout "why are you here what are you doing here" went into some traumatic eposide i guess, nearly fainted, got very shaky etc. had to sit down. i too am one of the many victims of zalman.
    one of the ladies i was speaking to at the time, who turned out to be one of the organisers,came and told me that they had the picture of our lovely sarah vorst,ohel sarai emanuh which is a conversion school near me, which was set up by perverts and is a huge scam.

    then 2 minutes later i see my haradi friend a rabbinit, very well respected and as i am telling her that sarah vorst is there, she looks over my shoulder and identifies a missionary working for one of the groups selling books etc - so we outed 2 devils in a few minutes

    god is great, the bastards are going down just walked into skippy he is looking like a crazy man

  2. correction mondrowitz is not in jail.not in jail.
    when i was looking for the interview done in ha aretz with skippy last friday, i saw the article about mondrowitz dated yesterday - you can see it on my facebook the date in the paper and also in the jpost same thing. but they were old articles.
    they will get their punishment we just have to work harder.


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