Friday, July 28, 2023

'Sound of Freedom': Why is this surprise box-office hit causing controversy?

The film portrays children being snatched and kidnapped by strangers. While this can certainly happen, it’s a myth that most traffickers “target victims they don’t know,” according to Polaris, an organization that operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline. 

In fact, “many survivors have been trafficked by romantic partners, including spouses, and by family members, including parents,” Polaris notes.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Erin Albright, an attorney with extensive experience in the anti-trafficking field, called the movie’s portrayal of trafficking “sensational” and said it perpetuates unhelpful and even harmful myths.

Albright argued that when popular movies promote the narrative that trafficking involves forceful kidnapping and imprisonment, it makes it harder for people to grasp more complex trafficking cases, such as cases of coercive control or psychological manipulation.

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  1. What's bothering liberal Hollywood is that a film made by outsiders blew away the more Woke competition at the box office, once again proving that Hollywood can't tell the fans what they will enjoy.


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