Monday, July 24, 2023

Former NSC chiefs: Calls for US to stop aid ‘irresponsible,’ ‘damaging’

Amidror said that the argument made in Tablet is “very wrong.”

“A strong Israel can make its own decisions, and when Israel is not strong it cannot make decisions,” he said.

Nagel said that the idea that the US uses aid as leverage to pressure Israel is “total nonsense.”

In negotiations ahead of the last MOU between Israel and the US, Nagel recounted, “I said that ‘if you’re conditioning this aid, I don’t want it.’ The only condition is that we give them a list of what we’re buying so they can authorize it once a year. They have control over what we buy.”

“We seek America’s advice on almost everything because they are important to us, not just because we get aid from them,” he said. “They support us in a million other ways, in the UN, in Congress, in the world. They’re our main ally.”

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