Monday, July 24, 2023

Phony Jews and "experts" on Democracy - say the world has come to an end

 A relatively minor change to the relationship between the courts and government has been greeted on the left by wailing that this is the end of Democracy in Israel and that this is equivalent to the destruction of the Temple. 

I asked a secular Jew and he said simply the Chareidim are in control of Israel and they will destroy the country because they know nothing about running the country

I asked an Arab Israeli whether he was upset and he said "Why? Nothing will change for me!"

The argument boils down to the view that Democracy needs total agreement for decisions and even though the secular Left is a minority/ if they don't agree nothing can be done. In addition they insist that Israel is a secular country and therefore religious Jews can not override the secular. In other words the truth is always with the secular - otherwise it can't be a Democracy!

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