Sunday, July 9, 2023

NJ Jews reel after kosher baker rejects synagogue’s order for rainbow Pride treats

 NJ Jews reel after kosher baker rejects synagogue’s order for rainbow Pride treats

But the local Jewish community is still reeling. Multiple rabbis have accused the baker of bigotry, and some local Jews are boycotting his shop. The area’s Jewish federation privately said it would stop buying from Mittel before publicly walking back its position. And Eshel, an advocacy group for LGBTQ Orthodox Jews and their families, announced an “ally training” in West Orange this coming Sunday in response to the incident.


  1. It is not rainbow.

    It is bow to the reign of degeneracy.


  3. Oooooh, an "ally training". That's going to solve the problem.
    Funny thing but didn't the SCOTUS just rule on this very issue?
    On one hand, you want to side against the bakery. Imagine going into a regular bakery to make an order for a bar mitzvah and being told "We don't do Jewish events because you're all Chris-killers." For the LGBT123 community, that's what's happened her - "We don't do gay stuff because the Torah says you're a to'eivah."
    On the other hand, this isn't the only bakery in town. They could go to another one down the street and get the same treats for probably cheaper.
    On the other hand, those wouldn't be kosher and clearly that's important to them.
    On the other hand, if you're already violating an issue d'oraysa, why bother with keeping kosher?

  4. From the Times of Israel:

    "But according to all accounts, the bakery initially accepted both these orders, only to cancel them later without providing an explanation."

  5. Okay, so the bakery's the problem. It's one thing to say up front "Look, we don't serve events like this for religious reasons" but to accept the order adds a significant inconvenience to the group which now has to scramble and find a suitable replacement.


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