Thursday, July 6, 2023

Ex-Trump Official Defends Hunter Biden Over Cocaine Accusations

"There is no way. It is inconceivable to think cocaine can sit [at the White House] for a 72-hour period. So I would rule him out at this point," McEnany said of Hunter Biden.


  1. President Joe Biden, behind closed doors, has a temper that sees him yelling at staff and shouting obscenities, a new report on Monday revealed.

    In fact, his temper is so bad that some staff try to avoid meting alone with him or bring along a colleague to help defuse the situation, Axios reported.

    Underneath his public persona of Joe from Scranton, who likes ice cream and uses folksy language, is a president with a potty mouth and short fuse.

    Biden will blast four-letter words during his rages, including: 'God dammit, how the f*** don't you know this?!,' 'Don't f***ing bullsh** me!' and 'Get the f*** out of here!'

  2. Wow so you want to claim Biden and Trump are similar
    Next you will say he is an adulterer and is racist and has a son who uses cocaine
    Committed treason and tax fraud

  3. Probably has done all those things. Wouldn't take more than a few seconds on Google to prove the racist thing, Hunter has been in rehab for drug abuse so yeah, and one wonders how a guy who spent his life living on a government salary became a multi-millionaire.
    Don't get you get it? They're all the same. The only difference is the selective reporting of the press and your selective blindness.

  4. I'm just posting what is already in the news

  5. Of all the news why repost that?

  6. Really?!
    All doctors politicians are really the same as are Jews Blacks and Orientals
    Alll Mexicans are rapist or drug pushers just as all MAGA supporters are poor white trash

  7. sorry, i didn't realise I was mevazeh a talmid chochom

  8. Why can't you simply answer my question?

  9. because it is like asking why i wore a blue tie, or a white shirt, when i could have have worn any other colour

  10. So you claim you have no idea why you reposted an article critical of Biden - it was totally random and thus has no significance?!

  11. Finding the article was random.
    I posted it to counter your wall of criticism of Trump.

    in the British press there is growing annoyance with Biden, and his anti British sentiment.

  12. Almost all doctors are the same - they have an urge to treat patients.
    Almost all engineers are the same - they have an urge to build things.
    Almost all politicians are the same - they're corrupt and want to enrich themselves while convincing you that they're your friends.

  13. S0 you were trying to say both Biden and Trump are equally problematic?

  14. I wouldn't even say equally. Trump is much more problematic in his personal conduct. If you put all of the allegations against biden on one end of the scale, Trump would outweigh them 100fold


  16. Wow the objective NY post is their source

    Please show that they got preferential treatment!
    Absence of punishment is not proof of anything if everyone else would have been treated the same
    Remember the Supreme court judge accused of being favorable to pedophiles when she was simply following common practice

    If you can not show clear corrupt differential leniency then you are making things up like most conservative accusations against the Biden family

    Remember the nonsense claims of election fraud based simply on the "Impossible" defeat by a democratic candidate

    Bottom line if you make accusations that would be laughed out of court then you are simply saying nonsense



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