Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Popularity ln Philidelphia

 As readers of this blog are well aware there is an ongoing sensitive situation which I have written extensively about which involves a married woman remarrying without a get basically on the allegations of a psychologist and the respect a posek had for what he understood was the wish of a Godol HaDor. The out come is clearly against mainstream halacha. 

At the present the Gadol denies he had anything to do with it and the posek is no longer with us and no one is directly telling the married woman to separate from her second husband. 

I was recently informed that because of what I have posted on this blog I am very unpopular in Philadelphia

In short Torah is viewed as less significant than the reputation or the perceived slights to the reputation of a Gadol. Basically is this another example of the Angel Bakery boycott?

The issue is whether I should be more concerned with what they are saying in Philadelphia  or what the halacha says? Alternatively should I be more concerned with possibly be upsetting or being perceived to be insulting the Gadol or be faithful to Halacha?

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