Monday, June 19, 2023


 Sefer Chasidim (469) There is a demon called dragon, in Greek. If he is struck with a sword, he will not be harmed, But its offspring can be harmed. There was once  someone who was born from a princess and a dragon. It is said that this dragon that impregnated the princess  was only afraid of a dragon who was the son of a princess.It was in prison . The King said to it, “I will free you from prison. Come out “He went and took the sword of his father and went under the bed of the queen. Immediately the demon smelled it and said, "I smell from the one I fear," he said, "Nonetheless, I will not be stopped from having relations with the queen. " The one that was under the bed  came out and waited. After the demon finished he got off the bed and he was struck with the sword and was wounded ...

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