Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Michigan GOP Chair Says Outrage Over Holocaust Tweet Was ‘Completely Hilarious’

Figures in both parties criticized the tweet as an offensive trivialization of the Holocaust; the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition called it “absolutely inappropriate” and called on the Michigan GOP to take it down “immediately.”

In her remarks at the Lincoln Day dinner in Montcalm County, Karamo made clear she did not care about such concerns—even dismissing the continued anger over the tweet “hilarious, completely hilarious.”

“Us being armed is not about stopping a burglar,” she said. “It’s not about hunting. It’s about stopping a tyrannical government. And if you know a thing or two about history, we know that governments have a tendency to be very abusive to the citizenry.”

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  1. This is the same stupid argument that people use: Well if the Jews had been armed, the Holocaust might not have happened!
    Okay, you're armed. You have an assault rifle. Yay. The government has artillery, tanks and an air force. What are you going to do to stop that?


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