Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Trump offers 12-point rebuttal of bombshell classified documents tape

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  1. I want to publicly do repentance for a comment I made on another post. I have since deleted that comment. When rebuking someone privately, and certainly publicly, one may end up inadvertently carrying a sin from the way the rebuke is carried out. The way I explicitly worded the other comment indicated I was actually striving to elicit that sin. So I recognize my error, regret it, confess it, and I am going to try and not repeat it.

    So here is my chance to do better.

    Let's leave aside the espionage and mishandling of secret document charges against President Trump.

    In general, we can agree Trump lies, blusters, etc. sometimes to impress, make his point, etc.

    Why all of a sudden assume based on a recording that he is telling the truth about the documents he's rustling?


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