Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Why are Republicans accusing Joe and Hunter Biden of bribery?


The increasing legal jeopardy facing former president Donald Trump, and news of the plea agreement between the Department of Justice and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, has led Republicans in Congress to make increasingly outlandish accusations against the 46th president and his family, even as evidence to support their claims continues to be lacking.


  1. The article admits that Biden asked Ukraine to fire shokin.
    It also says that shokin was possibly investigating Hunter b.
    So old Joe has something personal to gain, but since he had some others on board, it's not bribery?
    Rather contorted reasoning.

  2. wow!
    So your point is that his motivation was to help his son when in fact his job was to reduce corruption in Ukraine
    Do you have any evidence he wanted to fire him to protect his son?

  3. No politician EVER reduces corruption.

  4. Shokin said so.

    Do you have any evidence that trump asked Saudi Arabia to help his son in law with investing their money?

  5. Wow what a cogent answer?
    Like no doctor ever cured illness

  6. Trump may or may not have asked - Kushner might have earned it by doing favors
    It is at least as likely as the claims about Biden which the Republicans have been investigating for years

  7. Wishy washy

  8. Reductio ad absurdum.
    Doctors are interested in curing illness. Politicians need corruption to feather their beds.

  9. His financial advisers strongly objected So your question is what did he see in Kushner - it clearly wasn't competence or experience your answer is it must be personal chemistry - Say I have a bridge to sell!

  10. If Hunter Biden wasn't an important piece of evidence of Biden's corruption, you wouldn't constantly be trying to say "Oh, oh, but Jared Kushner! Look! It's Jared!"

  11. I am sure any jury in the world would accept that argument to convict the "Biden crime family" especially since the Republicans repeat such proofs all the time

  12. Sour 馃崌 . Biden curses and threatens Saudi Arabia, and is then angry when they cut their oil production.
    Trump is a highly successful real estate man, presumably giving guidance to Jared. And Mbs does business with them.
    the money will be invested in real estate, so the assets are technically still Mbs '. if, for example, he buys the empire state bldg, it becomes owned by Mbs. ( someone I knew from yeshiva tried this a few years ago, but didn't have enough clout)

    Yes, I've met many muslims, especially from middle east. They usually like jews better than Christians. They are still bitter about the Crusades, and detest chazir and alcohol, and respect drum jews who daven daily, fast, cover their heads. They feel culturally and religiously closer to jews.

  13. from a purely Personnel Management point of view - do you think people are always recruited or made into business partners based on the points on their CV/Resume?
    Certainly not, unless you are recruiting a computer programmer or dentist.
    Business partnerships and jobs are often made via "proteksia", and not only in Israel.
    Saudi is further east than israel, and things are done even more through connections, personal affinity (no pun intended) and also they take insults very badly (foolish, inexperienced Biden, trying to backtrack on his calls to make Saudi a pariah state, and losing influence to China).

  14. So you think the Saudis function like Trump - is your best explanation?!

  15. What are you talking about? Seems like a standard response, regardless of what you are responding to

  16. It's Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not so dissimilar from the folks who blame the Jews for everything.


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