Friday, June 23, 2023

Republicans Are Smearing the Bidens Like They Did Hillary Clinton

The point of the GOP-led investigations into his actions wasn’t to actually find evidence of criminal activity, as much as they would have welcomed it, but to create an aura of corruption and criminality around the 2020 and 2024 Democratic presidential candidate in much the same way they did against the party’s 2016 nominee. To their immense frustration, Republicans haven’t yet succeeded in that enterprise against Biden.


  1. Right, but the Democrats aren't smearing Trump at all. Nope, because what they're saying is true so it's not smearing!

  2. Wow So bringing evidence of criminal behavior is smearing?!
    You missed the point = bring charges without evidence is smearing

    You are basically saying convicting a person of a crime is the same as calling someone a criminal without any evidence

  3. Here's what I don't get.
    Trump - pro-Israel, recognizes Golan as Israel, recognized united Yerushalayim as capital, endorses the Abraham accords and according to you he's a horrible anti-Semite.
    Biden - working hard to undermine the Abraham Accords, is trying to put a consulate for the so-called Palestinians in Yerushalayim and is trying to give billions to Iran so they can up their terrorist war whie also giving them tacit permission to build a nuclear bomb. And according to you, he's a great guy.

  4. Trump working hard to destroy Democracy and become dictator for life is a bigger danger than the allegations against Biden
    So you are willing to accept him as a corrupt dictator because of his Israeli policy
    That is simply shochad

  5. Right, because Biden encouraging censorship and the extreme left wing of his party's attempts to remake society by suppressing freedom of speech and thought, all while flooding southern Republican districts with illegals who then show up and vote because Dem's refuse to insist on ID, all that's totally Democratic.

  6. Do you claim revealing the evidence of crimes is smearing!?

  7. Selective revealing of evidence only on people you don't like is hypocrisy.

  8. Yes or no -
    Claiming Biden committed serious crimes without meaningful evidence is wrong?

    Claiming Trump committed serious crimes with unquestionable evidence is wrong?

  9. Wow so your maim issue is that it is unfair to point out trump's crimes and ignore the baseless allegations againsr biden

  10. You still don't get it.
    Here's my question to you: is the crime objectively wrong or it is subjectively wrong depending on who commits it?


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