Thursday, December 29, 2022

Loser of the year Donald Trump blames the Jews

It couldn’t be easy to find a Jewish audience that hadn’t condemned his public dinner with Hitler admirers; even the far-right Zionist Organization of America was upset. But not the haredi Orthodox education group at the President’s Conference of Torah Umesorah, which was meeting at his National Doral golf club in Miami.

“I’m the Jewish people’s best-ever ally” he said for the umpteenth time. Then he warned his audience about the true enemy. The Congress has become almost anti-Israel because some Democrats hate Israel with a passion.

IN AN apparent senior moment, the 76-year-old disgraced former president forgot to mention that he’d publicly dined with two of Hitler’s admirers (of which he may be another). Instead, he reminded them that he had commuted the sentence of a kosher slaughterhouse exec convicted of bank fraud and money laundering. That got a standing ovation. He repeated lines from old speeches calling antisemitism a vile poison and said, “we must confront those who spread its venomous creed.” If anyone noticed the irony, they didn’t mention it.

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