Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Kabbala - rejection is heresy

 Rav Tzadok (Sefer HaZichronos  #3 Yichud HaShem): It is already well established for all Jews the words of our Sages and all those who are sanctified with kabalistic wisdom, what the Kabbalistic matter of the Chariot refers to. Consequently there is no need to justify it against the words of our early scholars who understood it in terms of philosophy and science and metaphysics. The rejection of this early naturalistic view has already been done by the sages throughout the generations. They questioned this approach because if it were truly valid than that means that more had been revealed to the lowly of the nations of the world and to anyone who looked at their philosophy books than had been revealed to the greatest prophets by means of only allusions and riddles. There is no need to talk about this at length to right minded Jews now that the accepted views of Kabbalistic knowledge have become widespread. Whoever denies the Kabbalistic view is a heretic as is explained concerning the mitzva of lo sasur. The Bach (# 5) says that anyone who ridicules our Sages and rejects Kabbalah - which is the source and foundation of Torah and all fear of G d – there is no worse form of ridiculing the words of our great Sages and he is deserving of nidoi.

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  1. Acceptance might also be heresy. The problem of idolatry of majority was prevalent throughout bayit rishon. Only a few Kings like Hezekiah, Josiah made temporary stands against it.


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