Friday, December 30, 2022

Did MIT Study Prove Pfizer Vaccine Raised Heart Problems?

People are jumping to wholly unjustified conclusions based on the little they read about the MIT study, often without even reading it!

The truth is – the MIT study did NOT prove that the Pfizer vaccine raised the risk of heart damage in people who received them.

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  1. Here's another consideration - we give people clot blusters for stroke nowadays. But there's a not insignificant risk that the drug will cause a catastrophic brain bleed. We still give it because it's far more likely to help (according to some studies, according to others it's a different story). People in car accidents get seat belt injuries. Most of those would have died without the belt.
    So might the vaccine cause problems in a select few? Absolutely. But when you put it up against the millions it saved, there's no contest


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