Friday, December 30, 2022

Congressman's SANTOS Bill Aims to Ban the Obvious: Candidates Who Lie

Democratic New York Representative Ritchie Torres of the Bronx announced on Twitter that he will introduce a new bill that would require candidates for public office to disclose information about their background and qualifications under oath.

The title? The Stop Another Non-Truthful Office Seeker (SANTOS) Act, named after Torres' soon-to-be House of Representatives colleague, George Santos.


  1. Here's the thing - all politicians lie. A quick google search will bring up all the lies Joe Biden told on the last election trail. During the 2000 election there were folks clocking Al Gore at telling a significant lie every single day. If this bill goes through, you will either have an empty Congress and White House or a huge bunch of hypocrisy. After all, when Rashida Tlaib next claims that Israelis are killing Arab babies or Ihlan Omar claims that Jews are bribing the US government to be pro-Israel, will they be fired? Or is the usual "When your guy lies, it's a lie! When my guy lies, well maybe you misunderstood, or maybe they didn't know all the facts, or maybe..."

  2. First rate specimen of "What Aboutism>."


  4. Are you serious?!

    If you want to play the what about game - why not mention Trump's lies

  5. Because you don't have enough space in your blog for all of Trump's lies.
    Again, the point is that people far more powerful than an obscure congressman lie just as much but there seems to be no interest.
    Look, either you're against falsehood, in which case you can't just condemn Santos, or you just care about falsehood when it's your political oppenent and then you're just a hypocrite.

  6. So you are saying either a person is honest or he is a liar and all lies are equal?!

  7. Well yes, it's pretty much a binary. One who lies is a liar, or a politician - pretty much the same thing really. One could be an occasional liar, a frequent liar or a Trump but telling lies makes you a liar.
    But who the liar is matters. An obscure congressman doesn't matter nearly as much as the president of the US, for example. You seem to have turned Santos into the new Trump but really he doesn't matter much.
    Again, it's the same argument used against the anti-Israel folks who claim they don't hate Jews, they hate oppression. Just they don't hate oppression in China, Russia, Afghanistan, etc. Just Israel. And you probably oppose lying but just notice it in certain people.

  8. strange that halacha doesn't acknowledge your claim- not all lies are equivalent i/e/ lying for shalom bayis or to prevent embarrassment or for saving life - so in summary you are wrong

    Simple question - are all inaccurate statement a lie or only something said to deceive and cause harm

  9. No, you're reframing. A lie is always a lie. Sometimes it's permitted. Kind of like pork. It's always non-kosher but in certain circumstances it's permitted.
    A lie is a statement that deviates from the truth. Whether it's harmful or not is different.


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