Tuesday, December 27, 2022

DeSantis’s request for COVID vaccine probe denounced by health experts


Brian Castrucci, president and CEO of public health group the de Beaumont Foundation, said DeSantis “appears to be focused on creating fear around vaccines that have been shown to be safe and effective,” rather than protecting the lives of Floridians.

“These vaccines have been tested and scrutinized more than any other vaccine, and they continue to save lives. Vaccine safety is not a partisan issue and attempting to make it one puts lives at risk,” Castrucci added.

Both Benjamin and Schaffner pushed back against DeSantis’s suggestion, stating that the risk of myocarditis was in fact higher in COVID-19 infections than in coronavirus immunizations. Schaffner referred to myocarditis following vaccination as a “transient phenomenon” from which the vast majority of patients fully recovered, which has also been observed by the CDC in surveys.


  1. Listen, I know from looking at the data that the vaccines are safe and that the myocarditis risks are minimal. However, the response "We don't need to prove nothing! It's safe and you're not even allowed to question that!" just encourages deniers. If you have the safety data, release it. Otherwise it'll just encourage skeptics because it strongly suggests you're hiding something.

  2. You are looking at the data and you are convinced rite? So it's already been released? So what data exactly are u asking to be released? Also where do u see "we don't need to prove nothing"? I see "we already proved many times". U are like literally not making any sense.


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