Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Outrage at New York proposal to force yeshivas to teach public curriculum


Orthodox leaders in the state of New York are protesting a new measure that would force yeshivas to teach a curriculum equivalent to that of public schools.

A vote on the regulation by the New York State Board of Regents, which overseas education in the state, is taking place on Tuesday.

The proposal is widely opposed by the Orthodox community. On Monday morning, some stood outside the State Department of Education in Albany to voice their concern, News Channel 13 reported.


  1. Self-inflicted damage
    Image "the yeshivos" were to compromise. Fine, we'll teach up math up to the Grade 6 level. That's all a basic person needs to get through life. We don't need trig or algebra, just basic skills. Fine, we'll teach basic geography so the kids know where they live and how to get around. Fine, we'll teach basic civics and even basic science, stuff that's not controversial and might even help the kids understand some parts of the Gemara better. Imagine them presenting that as a compromise to the government. The kids benefit. The government leaves them alone.
    But today the UO's have become mentally twisted. They are so convinced as to the moral depravity of society that now acting in a way that arouses contempt and disgust from the Gentiles must mean we're doing something right. It's a kiddush HaShem!

  2. I respectfully disagree. There can be absolutely no compromise. This situation is can possibly be conceived as a battle for the continuation of the Chasidic community in America.

    Imagine that Chasidic schools that now apparently downplay even teaching their students English were to revise that policy so that:
    - Kids can speak and read English
    - Kids know the principles behind how the U.S. government operates, learn world history and geography, and become proficient in urban navigation skills, how to bank, etc.
    - Kids know math and science

    With that basic knowledge, the world is open to them. They can go (or possibly have to sneak) into any public library and gain more knowledge.

    All libraries now offer access to internet connected computers. The students could go online and learn about things going on in their own communities, including possible corrupt activities there.

    The students may develop a yearning to get a university degree.

    I'm serious when I say that the Chasidic community is at risk of slowly disintegrating if their children were taught what you suggest.

  3. If the only way Chasidism can be maintained is by imitating the Soviet Union and how it kept its citizens loyal, is it worth maintaining?

  4. if you look over to the article about shoddy and illegal building practices, which endanger lives and livelihoods - it encapsulates the hypocrisy, and in fact how "religion" is abused. the perpetrator has a sense of entitlement, which goes against Torah and Dina malchuta, and the victim or whistleblower is the one who is threatened by the "society" because of "moser".
    This is not an exclusively Hassidic or hareidi tactic, it is mafia tactic.


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