Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Illegal and unsafe building in Israel

 As is common knowledge - it is often difficult to obtain permits for changes to an apartment in Israel and as a result much is done without permit or concern for safety

It is also common knowledge when buying an apartment to check what is legal and what was added illegally.

It is also common knowledge that there is a severe housing shortage and thus strong financial incentive to create illegal apartments.

Problem aside from the illegality and possible need to demolish structures is the question of safe building practices being ignored.

Example you have new apartment buildings built to proper safety standards which are ruined by the owners on the ground floor who excavate large areas extending from their apartments. They destroy support pillars of the building as well as physical support for the building bt removing rock or soil.

There have been cases of collapse and damage to the building as well as the new construction.

Anyone complaining against theses illegal structures is labeled a moser.

One case I know where the new construction collapsed. One neighbor was suspected of telling the government and was ostracized by the entire building while the one who actual caused the real damage is viewed as a tzadik.

While it is nice to attack secularist etc for picking on our community The frum world is doing nothing about this dangerous reality. In other words if the community doesn't supervise itself it has no justification for complaining about government involvement


  1. Someone who weakens a building, risking collapse is a rodeif b'yisrael, in an absolute sense.

  2. What would a beis din be able to do? It's like meron disaster. There are areas where secular or government expertise is required.

  3. Too often the UO community uses outside attacks as an excuse to not make changes. You pointed out our schools suck? Hah! We'll never change them! You have problems with safety at our overcrowed cult worship sites? Hah! We'll never change them!

  4. whilst some believe in or pay lip service to "Tikkun Olam", there are sadly many who wish to destroy the Olam, and then use old defecnes such as "moiser" when they are caught out. A bit like Putin and his thugs.

  5. It's a classic parasite behaviour. Suck resources out of your host without any thought of what you're going to do when they run out.


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