Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How Judge Cannon broke with conservatives in Trump documents case


“I think there’s a division there,” the liberal professor said. “Of the Federalist Society professors I follow and I know, the vast majority think this is incredibly wrong. Kudos to them.”


  1. What's the rush? The government isn't being stopped from investigating. They are just being told to cool their heels.

    Is there some imminent danger to the country if Donald Trump remains unindicted? I don't think so. And if eventually he is indicted snd convicted, justice will be done.

    And most importantly the public will know that the process was fair.

    Bad Trump. Bad Trump.appointees. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  2. Wow!
    So concern for national security means nothing to you or Trump?

  3. The FBI has the documents. If the FBI, after reviewing the documents, thinks there may have been a national security breach related to any of the documents then they can open an investigation.

    In other words, let us say there was a document about new nuclear bomb capacities that the U.S. has. Donald Trump has hinted the U.S. has such new capacities, so let's say he took some proof of it when he left office.

    The FBI can start investigating whether any spy got ahold of the information in that document.

    Donald Trump remaining unindicted does not slow down the independent investigation into who might have gotten their hands on a copy of that document.

    Every President that leaves office does so with many national secrets that he knows. Maybe we should just jail every ex-President. We'll put them into the National Archives along with all the documents that are kept sealed for decades.

    Just what national security concern am I being unconcerned about? As I referred to above, if Donald Trump committed a crime and the FBI wants to present the evidence of it to a grand jury, it'll eventually happen.

    There is no harm to national security if we dial down the rate of the criminal investigation and judicial process as it relates to Donald Trump's taking some boxes of documents with him after he left office.

    Unless maybe you hold that Donald Trump declaring his intention to run for President is a national security emergency, and that he must be jailed sooner rather than later to avoid that eventuality.


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