Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Do religious Jews have a right to reject basic secular education?


As much as it can be a mistake to generalize about conditions in these schools and as much as the Times' motives and reporting are suspect, the willingness of many Jews to reflexively circle the wagons around them and to defend the resistance of the ultra-Orthodox leadership to even minimal scrutiny or accountability for their failures in secular subjects is not merely a mistake. It's consigning a large and important part of the Jewish community to a future of poverty that would be indefensible if we were describing any other group.


  1. Modern Chareidism(tm) has always been hypocritical. See, the Mennonites are honest. They take no government money. They minimally interact with modern society and try to live as primitively as they can to maintain their traditions. The Chareidim are hypocrties. They shout "Anything new is forbidden!" but use modern technology, wear modern-made clothes, drive modern cars and so on. They shout "We reject modern society" and then put out their hand and demand money from the government to finance their societies.
    Uh uh. You want freedom from government oversite? Be honest like the Mennonites.

  2. Or neturei karta, who don't accept Zionist government money


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