Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony against Trump Is Devastating - NATIONAL REVIEW 

Trump apologists, moreover, were quick to point out that Hutchinson’s account is hearsay: She heard the story from Ornato, who got it from Engel.

That’s true. Still, a few things are worth bearing in mind. First, this isn’t just any hearsay — like idle chatter a witness might eavesdrop on. We’re talking here about a chain of command, where government officials are expected to report things to their superiors — in this instance, up to the president’s chief-of-staff. More to the point, Hutchinson learned these details just minutes after the encounter in the SUV. Ornato came directly to Meadows’s office with Engel. As Engel looked on in apparent affirmation, Ornato relayed what had just happened to Hutchinson. Engel gave no indication that Ornato had gotten any of the details wrong. And if Hutchinson is lying or exaggerating, it’s strange that, under oath, she would voluntarily identify so many witnesses who could contradict her.

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