Wednesday, June 29, 2022

How the Jan. 6 panel’s star witness drew a roadmap for Trump’s culpability

Among her recollections, part of a succession of shocking details from inside the White House:

  • Trump was informed that members of the crowd during the “Stop the Steal” rally by his supporters on Jan. 6, 2021, carried weapons. He asked the Secret Service to dismantle metal detectors to let them into the Ellipse so his audience looked larger. Those rallygoers would later march to the Capitol and mount a violent siege aimed at disrupting Congress’ certification of Trump’s loss.
  • Trump lunged at the steering wheel of his presidential vehicle after he was informed that the Secret Service would not permit him to travel to the Capitol following his speech at that Ellipse rally.
  • Trump told aides that he agreed with those who had stormed the Capitol and thought they were right to call for Pence’s hanging.
  • Meadows and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani sought pardons from the then-president for their actions related to challenging the election.

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  1. This is it?

    This is what they got?

    -- "Weapons" does not necessarily equal anything illegal. Why do I say that? Because if "weapons" meant they knew people had guns, they would have said so. Guns are generally illegal in DC. Not one shred of evidence is presented here that one rallygoer with a "weapon" later marched to the Capitol and did anything illegal.

    -- What is all this hullabaloo about a "lunge." Say he did lunge. He's in the backseat. Is anyone suggesting he was actually going to drive if he did get his hands on the wheel?!

    -- It's called free speech. Trump did nothing illegal if he acknowledged the reality on the ground at the Capitol.

    -- Pardons are in order when there is an opposition that is obsessed with hunting and destroying anyone who supports Donald Trump.

    I'm comforted by the fact that Democrats are still, over a year and a half after he's left office, focused on Donald Trump. It shows that he is considered a threat. Democrats would not be wasting their time on Donald Trump if they didn't think it will help them in the mid-terms.

    The Left has not learned the lesson of Donald Trump's first run for office seven years ago: the more you give Donald Trump exposure the stronger he gets.


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