Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Yeshiva University now obligated to host LGBTQ+ club on campus

Judge Lynn Kotler ruled on Tuesday that YU, as a non-religious organization, is subject to the New York City Human Rights Law and directed it to “immediately grant plaintiff YU Pride Alliance the full equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges afforded to all other student groups at Yeshiva University.” In the decision, the judge determined that “Yeshiva University is not a ‘religious corporation,’” and therefore cannot ban a certain group because of the Jewish faith.

According to YU’s independent student newspaper The Commentator, YU will appeal the decision. “While we love and care for our students, who are all – each and every one – created in God’s image, we firmly disagree with today’s ruling and will immediately appeal the decision,” a YU spokesperson told The Commentator.


  1. here is "shmad" in UK, hareidim threatening to leave the country

  2. Instead of appealing they should quietly reach out to some Islamic school in the area and set up the same situation - gay Muslims want a club in the medrassa. Then watch what happens. I'm betting in that case the judge will rule quite differently.

  3. Moshe Mayer Sterngold said the threat “reminds us of the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition”. The whole community “would leave”, he added.

  4. No, he's right. the British are obsessed with making sure every non-Muslim child learns about the various to'evos.

  5. That's right - if they tried imposing the LGBQTZYX on the Muslim schools, they would face a nationwide intifada.


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