Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sorry, Trump: Hutchinson's January 6 testimony isn't 'hearsay'

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters were quick to try to discredit former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s damning Jan. 6 committee testimony on Tuesday. One of the common themes of the smear campaign was the charge that her statements were all “hearsay,” a hand-waving response deployed by, among others, the Twitter account for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and conservative commentator Erick Erickson.


  1. So. So far the people who were in the car with Trump and, tellingly, haven't been asked to testify, have publicly stated that Hutchinson's version of events didn't happen.
    Basically a woman took the stand, took an oath not to lie (which we all know is meaningless) and gave a bunch of testimony with no corroboration. But you don't like Trump so she must have been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. Lets wait it out. Apparently according to press, some other Secret Service sources back up her claim. See who is willing to be under oath and consider potential prejudice-such as a Secret Service Agent who had a political Job in the Trump WH before and after his Sec Service job.
    Re Corroboration-she quotes WH lawyer-let the WH testify that she's wrong.

  3. They're being very careful on who they call. They haven't called the agents involved, for example, because they'd ruin her story.

  4. Nonsense-no one is going to intentionally run a fact that can be disputed to ruin a narrative which overwhelmingly can't be disputed. GOP copied Russian trick which boomeranged during Korea at UN. Pelosi accepted 3 of McCarthy picks rejected 2-could have replaCED WITH 2 OTHERS INSTEAD TOOK MARBLES HOME. Of course, now phony 45 criticizes the move.
    Even not so clear on this detail-apparently over agents disagree with these-but a sideshow we have 45 bullying on tape asking for GA Sec of State to lie for him. Rudy Bullyiani and 45 have been a fraudulent shysters for decades


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