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Are Transgenderist Republicans Reducing Our Daughters To Cannon Fodder for a Future Army Draft?

 22 Sivan 5782/ June 21, '22 /Parshas Shelach

by Binyomin Feinberg (formerly, a contributor to The Jewish Press)
Will Rep. Chip Roy lead the salvage of America?

“It’s absurd that you have so-called conservative members of the United States Senate who are willing to say to the American people, ‘We’re going to draft your daughters,’” the Texas congressman told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “They can go to hell! And if the entire Republican establishment wants to get behind drafting our daughters, I will make it my mission to burn the entire Republican establishment to the ground. ... Anybody who wants to come conscript my daughter can **** ***,” Roy, who has a daughter, added."

("They can go to hell!': Right rejects push to force women to register for the draft" by Matthew Wilson, Washington Examiner, June 16, 2022)

In marked contrast with the aforementioned heroic Texas congressman Roy -- two currently prominent N.Y. republicans - Lee Zeldin, now running for the GOP nomination for N.Y. Governor, and GOP Chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY21) - backed a virulently anti-Torah and downright misogynist Obama LGBT amendment in 2016, known as the Maloney Amendment. That amendment was pushed by the flagrantly homosexualist congressman purportedly representing parts of the Hudson Valley, Sean Patrick Maloney ( "The amendment would have prevented federal funds from going to federal contractors that fail to comply with President Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT employees from {BF: what the homosexualists falsely describe as} workplace discrimination." Thus, these republicans collaborated with the far-Left in promoting Obama-favored forms of vice as worthy of government promotion. Said forms of vice included the Transgender cult, an anti-rational movement dedicated to eradication of the recognition of objective and immutable distinctions between men and women. Transgender propagandists and their enablers have bequeathed to America, among many other gifts, a crime wave of transgender violence, primarily against women and children. (These transgender crimes are generally perpetrated by deviant males pretending to be female, thereby gaining access to female bathroom, showers, and locker rooms.)

It's interesting how, now, these gender-compromised republicans come out swinging as conservative saviours. Mr. Zeldin, for one, wants us to make believe that he will help salvage N.Y. State -- devastated by his fellow anti-Torah leftists.

Ms. Stefanik, on the other (left) hand, as the Chairwoman of the congressional GOP Conference, wishes to convince us the the GOP has an inspirational "vision for America" (as she indicated in an Op Ed last week, entitled "The Greatest Distraction on Earth is About to Begin..."). That's interesting, because her visual acumen doesn't seem to rise to the level of distinguishing between men and women, vis-a-vis a military draft.  As recently as 2021, Ms. Stefanik, perched on the House Armed Services Committee, voted to oblige women to register for the Selective Service, in preparation for a potential military draft. If, G-d forbid, there would ever be a military draft at ANY point in the future (be it due to predictably unpredictable escalations in the Western proxy war in Ukraine (which could potentially become regional, or even global), Southeast Asia, the Mideast, combinations thereof, or otherwise) - women would be forced to serve - along with debauched men pretending to be women - pursuant to said Transgender dogma now firmly ensconced in the U.S. military (thanks in part to Trump). America's daughters would be exposed to unspeakable abuses by perpetrators and predators, foreign and domestic. And that's okay with our republican visionary from N.Y. Apparently, that's the price "we" need to pay for Equality.

However, it certainly piques my interest in hearing about what her vision has in store for us to "lift up families across the nation and offer real solutions on issues that matter." Does that refer to providing federally sponsored psychological therapy to families whose conscripted daughters would be captured by the Taliban - with no real hope of their return in sight? Or treatment for female conscripts abused by "allied" neo-Nazi punks in Azov battalions in Ukraine?

° The Record:

Stefanik twice voted for the full NDAA (Defense budget bill), despite its inclusion of said extension to women - both in the Armed Services Committee, and in the full House floor vote. Her excuse of voting against the individual measure of inclusion of women in Selective Service holds no water. When push comes to shove, Stefanik demonstrated what truly matters to her, and it's clearly NOT defending American daughters from the unspeakable abuses which a female draft would invariably enable.  If she was genuinely opposed to expansion of Selective Service, she'd properly demonstrate that sentiment by voting against ANY military budget into which Selective Service expansion was inserted. And she'd do so until the appropriate parties understand that if they want her support, they need to drop that toxic and utterly superfluous provision. But she didn't. Her actions speak louder than her excuses. While she provides the hard Left with results, she expects the rest of us to be satisfied with reassurances of her superlative intentions.  It's our fault if we opt to serve as the useful idiots for the Republicans who subscribe to the "Private Parts Don't Matter" movement.

Now, whether or not Ms. Stefanik still espouses the precise variant of radical transgender dogma espoused by Sean Patrick Maloney (see, as of several months ago, she continues to make-believe that young women who enlist in the military can compete with the cruel realities of military life - and death - by virtue of "identifying" as equal with male combatants. How precisely does one understand how a woman could force other women into the military, with all the hazards of abuse by fellow soldiers and enemy combatants that entails? With Equality, all is possible... Perhaps this is what she meant when she wrote "We (the GOP) are ready to lead with the unity that the Democrats promised but failed to produce." Alas, only Nixon could go to China. Only the N.Y. State GOP could pass Marriage Dequality. Only the Republicans can successfully draft our daughters... "the unity that the Democrats promised..."

Whatever her idea of a Republican "vision" for America is, I'm confident that informed citizens of sound mind and body, of all persuasions, want nothing to do with it - as long as registering women for a potential draft is part of that hallucinogenic vision.

° In late 2021, said Selective Service expansion measure nearly passed into law, as part of the Defense budget. Thank G-d, it was averted, in what appears to have been a Chanukah miracle, in late 2021.  However, the Republican wing of the transgender movement has no intention of gracing voters with much of a respite. Chillingly, this progressive proposal to facilitate eventually forcing 18-year-old females into the Wokened military is now resurgent - thanks, in part, to the seven republican recidivists on the Senate Armed Services committee who reportedly voted for it for the second time in less than a year. Apparently, only one of the eight Republicans on the committee who voted to expand Selective Service to women in 2021, learned their lesson. Sen. Kevin Cramer (ND) reportedly voted no this time ( Nonetheless, those seven republicans constitute a majority of the 13 total republicans on the committee. Blame for this republican malady, similarly evident in the House, is in no small measure to be placed on GOP leaders, including Ms. Stefanik, chairman of the House Conference.

Ms. Stefanik asked "Why don't real Republicans get to ask Democrats tough questions about Jan. 6? Because that would undermine their desperate far Left narrative."  One could add: "Why don't real patriots get proper advance notice and debate opportunity prior to these votes on consignment of our daughters to LGBT cannon fodder? Because that would undermine the desperate far-Left agenda of the gender-ending faction of the GOP.

Imminent House Vote:

The full House Armed Services Committee hearing on the annual Defense budget, known as the NDAA "markup," is scheduled for tommorow, Wednesday morning (June 22, '22); see This is when they will vote on including women in the obligation to register for Selective Service. We need to ensure they hear from us ASAP.

Apparently, in absence of facing primary challengers highlighting the importance of not forcing women into the military, many republicans seem to struggle with learning disabilities. They need to hear from all of us, immediately, as follows:

1) Do NOT touch our daughters, or anyone else's.  Ukraine or no Ukraine. North Korea or no North Korea. Iran or no Iran. Taiwan or no Taiwan. Economy or no Economy. Jail-time or no jail-time. Hands-off our daughters, now, and forever.

2) Do NOT expand Selective Service - at all. In the vernacular, "Ditto," as above.

3) IF it ever comes down to a choice between (a) killing American daughters or (b) ending the lingering Selective-Service legacy of Jimmy "Jihad" Carter - then there's no question whatsoever: kill Selective Service - not our daughters (as one prominent advocacy organization articulated it last time).

Perhaps some of the occupants of Congress, especially those who struggle to discern between the sexes, or between delusional identity and biological reality, may benefit from alternative means of education. Here's one:

Consider telling your learning-impaired congressman:

"We will not send our daughters to fight your co-ed, gender-perverted WokeWars.

"Our daughters and granddaughters will not go.

They will not go for the Dems; they will not go for the radical Fems.

They will not go for the GOP; they won't go for the Economy; they will not go for Volodomir or Mrs. Zelensky.

They will NOT go.

They will not go for "Freedom," 
They will not go for "Liberty,"
They will not go for "Dignity,"
They will not go for "Dequality;"
They WILL NOT go to globalize LGBT.

They will NOT go.

The will not go for national defense, they will not go for republican pretense.

They will not go for Diversity;
they will not go for Nancy Pelosi;
they will not go to Promote Perversity.
They will not go for your Armed Services Committee;
they will not go for Global Unity.
They will not go for Western Depravity; 
They will not go for World War Three.

They will not go for McCain, they will not go for Ukraine. They will not go for gender-warped NATO. They will never, ever GO.

They will not go for for the leftist Swamp, they will not go for Trump.

They will not go to secure the border, they will NOT go for the New Woke Order.

They will not go for the United Nations, they will not go for the Council on Foreign Relations.

They will not go for Europe or the Mideast. They will not go for Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, or social media.

They will not go for Congress or for Google.  They will not go for Biden, they will not go for CNN.

They won't go to punish Vladamir Putin; they will not go to battle the Taliban.

They will NOT go."
The more insidious threat here is coming from the Republicans. They need to understand that if they sell out the future mothers of this country, then NOTHING they stand for justifies supporting them.
That includes the GOP pretending to fight the expansion of Selective Service under the guise of enabling it to pass, as they tried last time (

The rule of thumb with politicians is: "Watch what they do, not what they say."  However, contemporary transgenderist republicans have taught us, we need to modify that: Watch what they say, and discern how what they actually do is often precisely the opposite of what they announce they're doing.

See also:

Congressional Switchboard: 


(ask for the number of the specific Senator or Congressman needed)

Rep. Elise Stefanik, Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference:

202.225.4611 (for those outside the 21st district, press 1 to leave a voicemail).

Or, to email her, go to:
Pursuant to the Open ["-For- Business"] Government paradigm dominant in Washington, we're sorry that we didn't have proper forewarning about such a nation-subverting Committee vote.
Inasmuch as some female draft propagandists in America tend to cite the Israeli Military Draft of women, to dupe those unfamiliar with its actual fallout, we present a few relevant links for  consideration:

The following is a link to a  Guidebook ("pocketbook") provided by the pro-Israel organization "Chotam." It's an English guide for religious girls to avoid enlistment in the IDF: 

This very publication is a stinging indictment of the Israeli Army Draft Office, and the antireligious Establishment behind its escalating crusade to rob religious (/ traditional) girls of their legal entitlement to a religious exemption from military service. The very need to publish such a guide speaks volumes of the danger posed to the next generation of Jewish mothers by "fellow Jews." The professional, psychological warfare techniques that these 16- and 17-year-old girls need to be trained to defend against, all alone - without even legal counsel or a family member - are almost as outrageous as they are anti-Torah. These techniques indicate how intent the Israeli military is on drafting increasing numbers of religious girls, and to what depths they're willing to stoop to do so. Thus, unrelenting vigilance is required in identifying developing trends in the encroachment of the female draft on religious communities. Moreover, we need to undo the entire female draft ASAP, for ALL girls, not only those the Draft Office deigns to sanction as religious enough to be exempt from the "Mizron Tzahali" treatment. It's apparent that no other path will solve the problem at this late stage of the debasement of Israeli society by the anti-G-d Left (including an assortment of "hawks").
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